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BEYBLADE BURST app v11.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, Menu)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 4.1+

Size:506 MB Latest update:Feb 04, 2024



Today's world has a very large number of toys, they are various, strange shapes, attracted countless curious eyes, however, in our childhood, there were very well-designed toys, it can use the tip of a point, rotating around the central axis, until the friction and air resistance becomes small, it will slowly stop rotating, this toy is also often used as a prophecy or gambling, guess, right? The answer is Bayblade. Players can experience the wonder of this toy again through the BEYBLADE BURST app!


BEYBLADE BURST app is a game that utilizes bayblades to compete with players from all over the world, bringing countless players an extremely exciting bayblade battle experience thanks to its brilliant special effects and 3D visuals. BEYBLADE BURST app features hundreds of different bayblades, allowing players to directly control the direction of movement of each bayblade, utilizing the bayblade's rotating Using power of the spinning bayblade to knock the enemy bayblades down or even knock them out of the field, players can also participate in tournaments organized by the game after accumulating battle experience.

Each bayblade is different, and players can collect bayblade parts to create new bayblades. Players can even see the stats of each bayblade part, which show in detail the speed, power, and angle of the bayblade as it rotates, and players can diversify these stats by upgrading the parts in the BEYBLADE BURST app.

Main Features of BEYBLADE BURST app:

How to play this game

In BEYBLADE BURST app, the game pressure is not big, and no time limit, players only need to control the direction of the bayblade to knock down the enemy's bayblade or hit the field, and in order to increase the sense of gameplay experience of the players, there will be a monster image on top of each bayblade, these monsters are based on the style of the bayblade for modeling, in the gyroscope rotating rapidly or ferociously hit the opponent's gyroscope, the monsters above the attack will be carried out, will be the impact of the action of each time to materialize, so that players can really experience the game's exciting and tense.


Upgrade your bayblade

BEYBLADE BURST app has hundreds of different gyros with symbols of different animals on it, representing their characteristics. Players are free to edit beyblade's colors, effects, and images to create an exclusive gyro. In addition, in order to gain more power and have an absolute advantage in the game, players can also upgrade these gyro parts, targeting each and every data of the gyro. In addition, in order to gain more power and absolute advantage in the game, players can also upgrade these gyro parts, for each of the gyro's stats to be comprehensively improved. After winning a battle, players can also collect gyro parts to create a new beyblade.

Participation in more advanced competitions 

After players have gained enough experience, they can participate in a tournament organized by the game, which brings together players from more than 90 countries, where you will see a variety of tactics and beyblade, and other players will show the ferocity and power of the gyro, and at the same time, it is a great opportunity to make friends with professional players from other countries. In addition, the game features stunning 3D graphics and high-quality 3D visuals, allowing players to experience the infinite power of these gyros.


Download the Latest Version of BEYBLADE BURST app

In BEYBLADE BURST app, you will not only be able to recall your childhood memories of playing gyro, but at the same time you will also feel the unprecedented tension and excitement brought by the gyro competition, the impact of the 3D visual effects and shocking impact sound effects, will make people can not help but get excited. Download and install the BEYBLADE BURST app now! And take an exciting gyros experience!