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FR Legends

FR Legends v0.3.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency)

Category:Racing Games OS:Android 4.1+

Size:101 MB Latest update:Feb 05, 2024


About FR Legends

Racing games have always been very popular in many games, players enjoy the thrill and excitement of racing, whether it is the roar of the engine, or the harsh sound of the brakes, all make people sound immersive, but in real life, we can not ignore the traffic rules or rarely have the opportunity to show their superior driving skills, but in the game is different, players can enjoy accelerating sprinting, overtaking or drifting around corners. FR Legends is just such a game, players will drive FR drift cars and realize the perfect drifting technique.

What is FR Legends?

FR Legend is a classic driving game in which you drive legendary FR drift cars around the world's most famous circuits and show off your superior drifting skills. The game uses a 3D animation style, the whole racing process is like watching a racing animation, and the 3D design simulation is fantastic. For newcomers, the game operation will be a little difficult, but after the game's newbie teaching and basic racing knowledge course, I believe players can quickly master the racing skills.

FR Legends has different game modes, each with different gameplay and challenges. FR Legends also offers a variety of tracks and terrains, especially the folding curves, which require players to utilize strong directional control and agility in order to rush through the curves quickly. The game also allows players to customize the appearance of their cars to make your car look cool and shiny during the race.

Main Features of FR Legends:

Various game modes to play

In FR Legends, there are various game modes for players to choose from. There are three modes of play, they are Single Player Mode, Battle Mode, and Practice Mode, and each mode has different rules and difficulties. In single-player mode, players need to fight against other players, and only players who reach the finish line in a short period of time will be considered winners, in battle mode, the difficulty of the game is upgraded, the terrain is more rugged, which is a great challenge for players. 

In the practice mode, players can ignore the rules and practice their driving skills freely, and players fight against the AI, but don't underestimate them, the AI drift skills are also very strong, and the AI is not a good driver. Don't underestimate the AI's drifting skills.


Customize the look of your race car

To provide players with a better racing experience, "FR Legends" allows players to customize the appearance of their cars. Players can change the color and condition of their cars to make them stand out more, use paint and stickers to make the body more colorful, and most importantly, they can change the engine and a wide set of body, engine, and turbo to get different car performance. To sum up, the game players have a very high degree of freedom, you can completely build your own car.

Show off your drifting skills 

As we all know, FR has the most perfect degree of drifting and inherently possesses excellent cornering, so in FR Legends, the difficulty of the game does not lie in overtaking or rugged tracks, but in corner drifting. Players need to control the direction precisely, turn the steering wheel in advance before entering the corners, and exert the agility of the racing car to make the car in the not too wide lane form, the front engine and rear wheels are the most important parts for players to play the drifting skills. The battle is divided into two games, the first half and the second half, the first half is started by the player, and the second half is prioritized by the opponent.


Download the Latest Version of FR Legends

In FR Legends, players can drive many styles of cars, FR Legends will provide a variety of cars for players to choose from, and players can also customize the appearance of the car, as the game progresses, players can accumulate a certain amount of in-game currency can be exchanged for new cars, but the new cars are very expensive, you need to win every race. Download and install the FR Legends now! And start a car racing!


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