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Stories World Travel

Stories World Travel v1.2.8 MOD APK (Fully Unlocked)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 6.0+

Size:107 MB Latest update:Feb 05, 2024


About Stories World Travel

Traveling is undoubtedly a pleasant thing to do, where we create new happy memories, enjoy many beautiful sights, make many exotic friends, and feel incredibly relaxed whenever we set foot in a new country because for us we can completely leave all our worries behind, whether it's an old village or a bustling street scene. Stories World Travel is just such a game, where the player will start a new journey by boarding a plane and venturing to different countries.

What is Stories World Travel?

Stories World Travel is a travel-themed recreational game that has gained a lot of popularity among players with its cute and interesting style and rich game scenes, which are perfect for players who love to travel and want to relax. Starting from confirming the purpose of the trip, players need to pack their bags, book a ticket, and get to the airport on time to board the plane. The flight is not too long and you will be served by lovely stewardesses during the journey, so please be careful to keep quiet and polite.

Stories World Travel has up to 19 characters for players to choose from, players can customize their clothing, appearance, skin, hairstyle, etc. Players are not traveling alone, you will play as a traveler in the game, leading your family to create unique memories in new attractions, and you can also interact with NPCs at your leisure, there will be countless secrets and surprises waiting for you. Join us now for an adventure.

Main Features of Stories World Travel:

Travel the world with your family

Everyone has a dream of traveling around the world, but time and money are always the limiting factors, but in Stories World Travel, you can play as a traveler and take your family on adventures to various countries, wherever you want to go, you can take pictures of rare birds in the jungles of Brazil, or visit shopping malls, cafes, or other places in bustling cities, and you can switch back and forth from international airports and attractions without worrying about the journey being too long and taking up a lot of time.


Customize game characters

In Stories World Travel, you can choose from up to 19 adorable characters and customize their appearance.Stories World Travel has a warm and cute style and each character is miniature, so players can dress them up in any way they want, with hundreds of outfits available, and they can also change their appearance, including hairstyle, skin color, eyes, expressions, and more. In addition, players can also change their appearance, including hairstyle, skin color, eyes, expression, etc. Because of the high degree of freedom in character customization, players can also create characters based on their real friends.

Create unique travel memories 

Stories World Travel has a very large number of attractions waiting for players to explore, you can wear a straw hat in the jungle, holding up a torch, carefully moving forward to prevent the beasts attack, you can also ride a camel in the desert to slowly think about the meaning of the journey, of course, the leisure time, you can also interact with the street npc, perhaps they will tell you about their own story, each new city will have countless surprises and secrets waiting for you.

Turn on photo mode

Just like traveling in reality, players can also make happy memories in the game through the photo mode. Each attraction will have an exclusive scenery and new events will happen. Whether it's a happy memory or an embarrassing one, players can tap on the photo mode to preserve the moment, and Stories World Travel will also provide photo albums where players can view the photos they've taken.


Download the Latest Version of Stories World Travel

In Stories World Travel, players can go anywhere they want, visit countless attractions, make happy memories, and make up for the reality of not being able to travel around the world. Download and install the Stories World Travel now!


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