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Merge War - Army Draft Battler

Merge War - Army Draft Battler v1.23.15 MOD APK (Free Energy)

Category:Strategy Games OS:Android

Size:89.5 MB Latest update:Feb 06, 2024


About Merge War - Army Draft Battler

Do you want to have a duel? Build an army with dragons, archers, and various mages, you need to make a strategy and evaluate the strength of the opponent and the advantages of your side, like a real general commanding the soldiers to set up a formation and fight against the monsters on the other side, if you are eager for this kind of battle, try to download Merge War-Army Draft Battler! If you desire such a battle, try to download the Merge War-Army Draft Battler, which will test your wisdom and courage, and embark on an adventurous journey with us.

What is Merge War-Army Draft Battler?

Merge War-Army Draft Battler is a classic RPG puzzle game, using the classic self-propelled chess method, with a lovely three-dimensional style and rich game world that has gained a lot of players' favor, with more than 1 million downloads on Google Play. In the game, players need to build up their army, prepare the formation, and use their strategy and courage to defeat the evil monsters from the dungeon, which include dragons, archers, mages, and other types of characters. In addition, players need to merge and reorganize the collected characters to build their new decks, each card is a different character with different characteristics and combat power.

Merge War-Army Draft Battler's self-propelled approach is different from other games in that the characters in the game will automatically fight, and all players need to think about is how to match the characters in their hands so that they can maximize their power. Players can not only follow the main line to complete the task, but also can fight with other merge masters, and the winning side will be rewarded with rich prizes.

Main Features of Merge War-Army Draft Battler:

Build your powerful army

Merge War-Army Draft Battler is not just a combat adventure game, but focuses more on the strategy used by the player than the combat. Players will be given a number of characters in the early stages of the game, including dragons, archers, and various mages, and by combining different heroes, players can create a powerful army. Players can also build their own decks with dozens of different cards, each representing a character with multiple levels and special abilities.


Adoption of the self-propelled chess model

Merge War-Army Draft Battler is different from other games in that it utilizes a special self-propelled format. Players can choose their favorite characters to form a powerful army to fight against the enemy, during the battle, the characters will be arranged in accordance with the formation specified by the player, without the need for the player to specify the characters to fight, the difference is that the characters will automatically fight, and can even launch the skills at any time, the player only need to formulate a strategy.

Play against other players 

In Merge War-Army Draft Battler, players don't necessarily have to follow the main quest to complete it, but can also choose to fight against other Merge Masters. Players will need to build a character deck that balances offense and defense, and after mastering the art of merging, they will be able to create a powerful army of their own to fight against other players, win great rewards, and ultimately harvest some rare materials.

Upgrade your game characters

In Merge War-Army Draft Battler, players will be able to both unlock advanced character cards to increase their power and upgrade these cards. Players can expand their decks and collect the game's rare cards, each of which has multiple levels and a strongest skill, and then combine materials to upgrade their cards to create the most powerful army possible.


Download the Latest Version of Merge War-Army Draft Battler

In Merge War-Army Draft Battler, not only do you have to defeat armies of monsters and super dragons, but you can also collect and upgrade your characters to enhance your strength, with different enemies appearing in different dungeons, download and install Merge War-Army Draft Battler now! Start a new adventure!


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