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Fishdom v7.82.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Coins)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android 4.4+

Size:138.2 MB Latest update:Feb 06, 2024


About Fishdom

Are you a fish lover? Some people like fishing or raising fish as a hobby. Now, there is a fish game in which you can enjoy the fun of feeding various types of fish and have more fun of gaming. This game is named as Fishdom. Come to this game and you can feed fish while you are playing a game!


What is Fishdom?

Fishdom is a mobile game in where you can raise various different types of fish but you can also decorate the fish tank with various items as well as play the puzzle-solving games. On Fishdom, you can play puzzle games but build an aquarium. You can also collect different types of fishes but decorate your tank with various item to make it even more beautiful. If you are a fish lover, you will definitely enjoy this game because here you can create your own ideal aquarium. However You can put lots of unique fishes in the aquarium and decorate it with decorations.

In addition, you can also enjoy the fun but relaxing match-3 level game which is part of the gameplay of Fishdom. Collect as many fish as you can to fill and expand the aquarium. However, at first, the tank is still empty, so you need to fill it slowly.

Also, you'll need a certain amount of coins to unlock new fish or own new decorations, however but you can earn them while enjoying fun match-3 levels. This way, you can put more fish and more beautiful decorations in the aquarium. Also, you can interact with the fish by feeding them, etc.


Features of Fishdom

1.have a Fish Tank of Your Own

At Fishdom, you can create your own aquarium. At first, the tank are still empty, so you need to fill it slowly. But, you can collect and put different types of fishes in them, and decorate the aquarium with different elements to make it even more beautiful. If you are a fish lover, you will definitely love this game because you can create your own ideal aquarium here. Besides, In the aquarium, you can puts many unique fish and decorate it with decorations. You can also feed them, play with them, and interact with them. Here you can enjoy the double fun of fish farming and games.

2.Decorate Your Fish Tank

You can use various items to decorate your tank. But you need to have enough coins to buy and unlock new decorative items. But don’t worry, you can acquire coins by passing more levels of puzzle-solving. After you get new decorations, you can use them to make your tank more attractive.


3.Match-three Gameplay

In addition to fish farming, you can also enjoy a fun match-3 game. This match-3 game is so much fun that you'll find yourself hooked on playing. In addition, completing certain levels will earn profitable rewards. Then, you can collect enough coins to buy new fish with new decorations or buy a new special aquarium

4.Multiple Gameplay Modes

Fishdom also has a variety of game modes. You can enjoy the game with friends and online players from all over the world. Here you will be able to compete with the best player. This makes the game more fun and competitive. In addition, you can link your Facebook account to sync your online game status or play with your friends online. You can also visit the aquarium and help with certain tasks. On the other hand, you can compete with them and see who can have the best aquarium.

Download the Latest Version of Fishdom

In Fishdom, you can enjoy the fun of creating your own aquarium and collecting various species of fish as well as playing puzzle-solving games. You can also compete with other players. So, what do you hesitate? Download it immediately!


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