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Car Simulator 2 2023

Car Simulator 2 2023 v1.49.6 MOD APK (Free Shopping/Unlimited Money)

Category:Simulation Games OS:Android

Size:508 MB Latest update:Feb 06, 2024


About Car Simulator 2 2023

Do you like to drive around the city while listening to music to feel the bustle of this city, every time you discover a new location, you will have a new experience in life, very helpful to relax.Car Simulator 2 2023 is just such a game, with realistic 3D graphics and rich game scenarios, you will be completely immersed in the joy of driving a vehicle, this game is perfect for those who love driving simulation games and those who are about to get their license.

What is Car Simulator 2 2023?

Car Simulator 2 2023 is a realistic car driving simulator game with over 50 million downloads on Google Play. In the game, players can enjoy the fun of driving from the first perspective, players can not only observe the vehicle in 360°, but also can understand the detailed data of the car, such as fuel, speed, etc., through the car dashboard, the car equipment is exactly the same as in reality, players can open the music player and listen to your favorite songs.

Car Simulator 2 2023 has more than 95 cars to choose from, the player can explore different places in the city through driving the car, and can also accept tasks set in the game, there will be generous rewards for completing the tasks, it should be noted that the game team has restored the vehicle to perfection, as well as the introductions of traffic regulations and the reality of law enforcement officers, if you unfortunately exceed the speed, you will get caught and fined. 

Main Features of Car Simulator 2 2023:

Customize the appearance of your car

In Car Simulator 2 2023, there are more than 95 cars to choose from, some of which are based on real life brand cars and are sure to surprise players. In addition, the game uses realistic 3D graphics with amazing visual effects, including the shine of the cars, texture quality, shadows, tire tracks, and other, which are very realistic. In addition, players can customize the appearance of the car, including changing the color of the car, changing the engine or tires.


360° view of the car

Car Simulator 2 2023 gives players an unprecedented experience of the vehicle, players can not only 360 ° view of the vehicle's condition, including opening the trunk and hood, refueling the car, raising or lowering the windows, checking the chassis and tires, and so on, but also to enter the car in the first-person point of view, to observe the car's equipment, the dashboard and the steering wheel are designed in accordance with the reality of the vehicle, each point of view will have a unique sense of feeling, and the player can even be in the car to interact with all the objects.

Explore the city to your heart's content 

Car Simulator 2 2023 gives players a great deal of freedom by allowing them to drive around and earn great rewards by completing specified tasks, such as controlling, starting, and operating the car's equipment, and players will need to obey the traffic laws that apply in many cities while driving. Players can also increase their income by charging cab fares or other special tasks, but players should be aware that they need to be careful when doing dangerous tasks to avoid being arrested by law enforcement officials.


Repair of broken cars

In Car Simulator 2 2023, Vehicles are not built to last, they have a specific durability index that decreases due to friction or collisions while driving, and if players don't refuel or maintain their cars they will run out of gas and suffer internal damage, so players will have to upgrade the engine or refuel their cars regularly to improve their performance and power.

Download the Latest Version of Car Simulator 2 2023

In Car Simulator 2 2023, driving a car in the city is a wonderful thing, and the realistic 3D graphics and sound effects quickly give players a real sense of immersion, however, as a novice driver or a highly skilled driver, without exception, must abide by the traffic regulations, download and install Car Simulator 2 2023 now!


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