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Galactory v1.10.0 MOD APK (Free shopping)

Category:Simulation Games OS:Android

Size:45.7 MB Latest update:Feb 06, 2024


About Galactory

Have you ever imagined that you would have the ability to create a civilization by yourself? Now you can experience creating life in this game world. You will come to the galactic world. Here, there is power beyond imagination. You can create life and help it grow into a great civilization! Can't wait to try it out? Come to Galactory!


What is Galactory?

Galactory is a simulation game in which you can create your own world and life with your hands. You can come to the galactic world and become a creator here. Here, there is power beyond imagination. You can create the first life yourself and help it develop into a great civilization. You can see how what you create reacts to different threats. The development of these worlds is entirely up to you.

On this terrain of Galactory, you can search for the latest construction sites, form settlements there, and play freely. Everyone is free to create their own life. With your wisdom and experience, you will finally realize your dream of building your own world. In addition, you will also enjoy beautiful and realistic graphics.

In Galactory, players can comfortably rule and find ways to develop the world more intensely. Here, you can choose where you want to settle and create an ecosystem to bring the earth to life. In addition, you can build other breeding grounds. Plus, you can create a new civilization for the people here and create the most powerful economy on the planet.


Features of Galactory

1. Create A World with Your Imagination

In the Galactory, you come to the galactic world and here you become the Creator. And use your unimaginable power and creativity to create the first life in this world, and help it develop into a great civilization. From God's point of view, you will see how the civilization you have created responds to various threats. The development of these worlds depends entirely on you.

2. Help Your Civilization Grow

In this new world of Galactory, you will have to look for the newest and most suitable place to live, form settlements there, and begin the development of civilization. Everyone is free to create their own life. With your intelligence and experience, you will finally realize your dream of creating your own world. In addition, the graphical environment of this game is also realistic.


3. Ensure the Biodiversity of Your World

Indeed, in order to develop, we cannot do without living organisms. These creatures contribute to the evolution and construction of civilization. The development shifts from primitive to medieval to modern. In the case of humans, they can exist on several different types of continents. However, many species can only live in one environment. Organizations are closely linked to each other and form communities. For example, humans can raise livestock such as pigs, cows, and sheep. Thus, create a source of nutrients and enrich the food chain in Galactic.

4. Control Civilization Evolve

Life wants to survive, and war is inevitable. As a result, internal and external wars also occur between races. As a god, you must control the occurrence of these invasions. In order to better promote the evolution of civilization. It's up to you to decide between the destruction of continents or peace. It will have a significant impact on the development of humans and other living organisms. Since then, civilization has created and ushered in a new and more unique era.

Download the Latest Version of Galactory

If you want to experience creating a world with your imagination and witness the evolution of this new world, you can try Galactory. Download and use it now!


1. Is it downloading for free?

Yes, it is totally free for you to download.

2. What special points does this game have?

You can enjoy the unlocked premium in this mod version.


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