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Getting Over It

Getting Over It v1.9.8 MOD APK (Menu/Full Version)

Category:Simulation Games OS:Android

Size:139.9 MB Latest update:Feb 06, 2024


About Getting Over It

Are you one to rise to the occasion when confronted with a challenge? Do you derive pleasure from pushing your limits by engaging in endeavors where success seems elusive? If so, "Getting Over It," a game crafted specifically with you in mind, is the perfect solution. 

Introduction about Getting Over It:


Getting Over It, a formidable mountaineering game is inspired by the B-Game classic "Sexy Hiking," originally released by Jazzuo in 2002. Players must get ready for an arduous adventure, equipped with nothing more than a hammer and a cauldron, as they set out to vanquish the biggest mountain.

Outstanding Features of Getting Over It:

Conquering a Mountain with Hammer and Pot

In Getting Over It, you'll embark on the seemingly insane task of scaling a massive mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot. Mastering the art of manipulating your hammer with precision using your mouse is the key to advancing your character. 

Mastering the Art of Ascension

In "Getting Over It," a seemingly basic tool becomes the definitive gauge of your dexterity and precision. You'll need to master the art of climbing, swinging, jumping, and even taking flight up treacherous rock faces. Take heed of Jazzuo's wisdom: immerse yourself in the game as if it were your reality, and you might overcome the steepest of odds to claim your victory.

The Ultimate Sense of Triumph

In "Getting Over It," the most dedicated and intrepid climbers are the ones who will conquer the summit, earning an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. Scaling the mountain transcends merely overcoming a series of digital challenges; it embodies victory against hardship and a trial of your resolve. 

Test Your Fortitude 

The game "Getting Over It" is designed to test your fortitude, with gameplay sessions that can last anywhere from a brief stint of two hours to what may seem like an eternity. Yes, you read that right: the average playtester needs what is nearly an infinite amount of time to complete it.

Embracing the Cycle of Challenge

In "Getting Over It," success is not just about skill; it's about resilience. The game demands that you accept a continuous loop of effort, failure, and renewed trying. You must steel yourself for frequent obstacles that will cause you to lose ground repeatedly. It's through these trials that you'll gradually overcome the daunting challenges that lie ahead.

Navigating the Depths of Frustration 

Have you ever truly understood the essence of annoyance? Pause and reflect on that, for "Getting Over It" possesses a remarkable capacity to introduce you to dimensions of frustration beyond your previous understanding. This game challenges you in ways that can trigger intense feelings of anger, revealing emotions you might not have known existed within you before your encounter with it.



As you stand ready to venture onto the formidable path of "Getting Over It," you are not meant to traverse it alone. The philosophical insights and guidance provided by Bennett Foddy are there to enrich your experience, ensuring that your journey is far from ordinary. 

You may find yourself grappling with existential queries as you partake in this enlightening endeavor, pushing the boundaries of your limits while pondering the ultimate purpose of existence. The addition of Bennett Foddy's touch transcends "Getting Over It" from a simple climbing game to one that possesses depth and meaningfulness, bestowing upon the gameplay an added layer of complexity.

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Are you ready to embark on an arduous journey? In "Getting Over It," you must take on the challenge of vanquishing a colossal mountain with merely a hammer and a cauldron as your essential tools!


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