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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys V0.56.1 MOD APK (Unlocked Skins)

Category:Action Games OS:Android

Size:373 MB Latest update:Sep 28, 2023


About Stumble Guys

Have you ever felt tired to play games after intense study or work? Have you been bored about those highly competitive games? Do you need a light and funny game to relax yourself? If your answer is yes, Stumble Guys may be a good choice for you. Stumble Guys is a very suitable game for playing with friends, which supports up to 32 people to play from levels to rounds. There are a lot of interesting levels and each level has its unique gameplay and requirement for victory. A number of players will be eliminated in each level and the game will end when only one player remains.


Introduction of Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys released by Kitka Games is a fun and casual action game which is based on how Battle Royale works. There will be a series of levels and rounds which are full of different challenges waiting for online players from different countries to complete. Players will be eliminated once they fail to complete the challenge of each level. Fortunately, if you just fall at any challenge, you can start the race from the starting line. Therefore, players need to try their best to complete every challenge and even sometimes choose a risk way to avoid being eliminated in the competition. Don' t be stressful and nervous, all challenges are funny and casual games that will really relax you.

Game features

Battle Royale gameplay

Stumble Guys is based on Battle Royale gameplay which means the game will not end until only one player remains as winner. The game supports up to 32 players to participate in and a number of players who fail to complete level will be eliminated in each level. After several levels and rounds, a few players left are going to compete for the final winner.

Multiple levels with different challenges

Stumble Guys offers various levels which has different scenes and challenges. Players who complete the challenge of each level are able to take part in the next level. In addition to the level challenge, there are a lot of obstacles to increase the difficulty of completing challenge. Therefore, be careful to the obstacles and be skillful to overcome them.


Customize the characters

Players are allowed to change the characters' shapes. You can adjust their appearances, change their clothes, add some decorations to make them become what shapes you want, even a policeman, witch, ninjia and more.

Full of fun

Stumble Guys offers many interesting competitions such as running, ball-pushing and so on. The competitions can be divided into two form, individual competitions and group competitions. With the various competitions, you will never feel bored and get a lot of fun from the game. And it is better to invite friends to play together and enjoy the casual time, which will make the competition more funny.


How to play

When you start a running competition, you had better to keep running with the forefront runner, which ensures you will not be far behind. However, there are a lot of obstacles on the running track, so you still are possible to get back to starting line because of falling at any challenge. The obstacles sometimes will also help you become to the forefront runner even though you have been far behind from other players at the early time. Therefore,be careful to the obstacles when you are in the forefront, also, never give up when you are in behind.

How to download

It is easy to download Stumble Guys APK by clicking the button "Download". After finishing the download process, you can install Stumble Guys on your phone and play it.


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