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Auto Battles Online

Auto Battles Online V1382 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Damage/Defense)

Category:Action Games OS:Android

Size:84 MB Latest update:Sep 26, 2023


About Auto Battles Online

Have you ever played game for many hours and felt so tired? Have you been seeking for a game that can leave you hand away and relax your mind? Have you been a fan of role-playing games? If all of your answers are "Yes", Auto Battles Online is a good choice for you. Auto Battles Online is an idle online battle RPG, which can release your hands and get your mind relaxed by automatically battling. You will get into a fantasy world and start an adventure with your hero teams. You will take a endless journey to across desert, go through mountains, explore various dungeons and more places. There are many enemies and monsters waiting for you to defeat, as well as a lot of treasures and rewards to discover and gain. Don' t hesitate, or you will miss an unforgettable adventure!


Introduction of Auto Battles Online

Auto Battles Online is an idle combat game which will free your hands and relax your mind through the design of character' s automatic battle system. Players will build a powerful hero team to start a exciting adventure. There are a lot of characters for players to use and the appearances of all characters are customizable. Players can create variety of personalized heroes as they desire. Meanwhile, thousands of unique items are available in your adventure. Each item has its unique shape, ability, and power which will strengthen your hero a lot and enable you defeat more enemies and bosses. Hurry up to build your own team to explore the world!

Game features

Build your team with various characters

A lot of characters are available in Auto Battles Online. What you need to do is that select your favorite heroes and gather them to build a united and powerful team. Each character has its unique skills, ability, and power, so it is necessary to choose suitable characters combination to take advantages of every hero in the team.


Create your personalized heroes

Auto Battles Online allows players to customize heroes as they want including changing hair, eye color, clothes, accessories, and equipment. And players also are able to upgrades the strength and inner skills of their characters when they are go into a war.

Use strategy and tactics

Each character in the game has its class containing melee warrior, archer, and magic minter. And every class has its strengths, weaknesses, and skills. Therefore, it is important for you to arrange the team reasonably in order to complement each other of the team and take advantages of characters.


Online PvP arena

Auto Battles Online offers the online PvP arena mode that players can compete against each other. You will start an exciting and chaotic competition at an online square chess board with your most powerful team to fight with opponent' s hero team, and witness your heroes defeat enemies by using a combination of magic, archery, and melee combat skills. Try to defeat all players and become the PvP legend!

Upgrade your characters

There are a lot of epic and legendary items wanting for players to collect and use, which will improve your character ability, power and more. Those items can be obtained from battles as rewards. Therefore, keep winning and being powerful!


How to play

Players need to build a hero team to fight with enemies and monsters to gain and collect items which can improve characters. Also, there is the Online PvP arena for players to compete against each other.

How to download

It is easy to download Auto Battles Online APK by clicking the button "Download". After finishing the download process, you can install Auto Battles Online on your phone and play it.


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