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Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game V2.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Simulation Games OS:Android

Size:139 MB Latest update:Sep 27, 2023


About Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Do you love animals? Have you ever been a zoo? Would you like to build your own zoo and manage it? If you want to be a management of a zoo, Zoo Life: Animal Park Game will be a better choice to have a try. You will play role of a zoo management to build a zoo in city as you want and manage it to be the best and most popular zoo which will bring you an exciting experience. You will be in charge of all things in the zoo, so you need to manage them strategically to avoid chaos and bankrupt by attracting more visitors. You will also meet many exotic animals in the game. Don t wait anymore, be a zoo management!


Introduction of Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is an offline zoo building game which is developed by Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games. In Zoo Life: Animal Park Game, players will take a job of a Manager of a large zoo in the city to manage everything in the zoo, including revenue, costs, and profits, developing plan, hiring stuffs. It is obviously that you will be so busy, but you will feel all the effort is worth when you see your zoo are popular in a lot of visitors. And your each decision will influence the future of the zoo whatever the decision is big or small, important or unimportant. Therefore, think twice before you make a decision.

Game features

Build your own zoo

You are going to build your own zoo that you have always dreamed. You can choose the animals you want and bring them into the zoo, take care of them, see amazing animals you've only seen in videos, or change things based on what you need. Everything is under your control, including how to manage revenue, costs, and profits, hiring caretakers, and developing plans to attract visitors. To build the zoo with your own unique thinking strategies.


Unlock rare animals

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game has many  different types of animals from all over the world which are waiting for you to discover and unlock. To unlock and obtain all animals, you need to finish a lot of challenges. You may need to jump, glide, or run really fast to catch the rare animals on earth. Soon, the zoo will have many special and uncommon animals like polar bears, rhinos, gorillas, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, crocodiles, and lions. This will make the zoo different and special because no other zoo has these animals, which will attract so many visitors.

Take care of animals

Bringing animals to the zoo is just a start. You also have to look after them in a suitable way for each kind of animal, such as feeding penguins with baby fish, feeding the elephants with sugar cane, and feeding tigers with extra animal meats. You can see various animal actions like baby monkeys drinking milk or watch penguins walking, which will become your unforgettable experience.


Upgrade and unlock items

Upgrading will allow you to access new things like more animals, bigger areas for the zoo, and new decorations and equipment to improve the zoo's infrastructure, such as benches, restaurants, toilets, and places to get food and drinks. When deciding what to unlock, keep in mind that you have a limited number of unlocks but there is a growing customer demand.

How to play

Players will play the role of a management of a zoo to build and develop it. There are a lot of animals waiting for players to achieve challenges to unlock and collect. Also, players are allowed to upgrade the zoo's infrastructure and unlock more areas. Try to make the zoo better and attract more visitors!


How to download

You are able to download Zoo Life: Animal Park Game APK by clicking the button “Download”. After finishing the download process, you can install Zoo Life: Animal Park Game on your phone and build your zoo.


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