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Have you ever been in favor of zombie movies? Have you ever imagined or dreamed to be a zombie killer like movies? Do you like zombie killing games and want to play more? If you are a fan of zombie killing games, you had better try, which is a crazy fast-paced zombie shooter game that will bring you an exciting zombie shooting experience. offers so many different weapons for players to use, so you can enjoy fighting with zombies as the way you like. Come on, take your weapons in your hands and start your journey of killing zombie!

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Introduction of is a game where you become a superhero with special fighting skills and mechanical arms. Your mission is to fight against lots of zombies using your advanced weapons.

In this game, your home is in danger from zombies that no one knows where they came from. Many animals went to join the group, and their numbers grew. They also became increasingly aggressive. They move to all areas, taking over the land and killing the people who live there. They want to eat all people to take control of the world.

When people have lost all hope, there is only one thing that can make them believe again. Your being here and the amazing advanced technology that this place has achieved. When you put these two things together, there will be a big fight between one hero, new technologies, and a lot of zombies.


Game features

Roguelike zombie survival game is a top-down perspective game with the classic arcade spaceship shooters. The hero is standing in the middle, looking very small compared to a huge crowd of crazy monster zombies that are charging towards them in a countless number. It is important to notice that, in this game, when you die, you need to start again from the beginning.

Create personalized characters

Variety of characters can be chosen as you like. And you ca dress the characters up with a lot of fashion clothes and decorations.

Upgrade your and weapons

There are a lot of powerful and destructive weapons for players to collect and choose in the game. And players are able to improve, enhance, and gain access to new weapons for their characters.


Defeat zombies to strengthen yourself

Players are allowed to strengthen themselves when they defeat a certain number of zombies, including unlocking epic armor types, increasing character' s ability, increasing firepower, and upgrading weapons, unlocking all kinds of new technology weapons.

Excellent graphics and sounds has very high quality of graphics. You can see every details clearly in the game like characters, zombies, weapons and so on. And the sound of fighting is so realistic and loud, which seems to take you into the crazy, stormy and passionate zombie battlefield to experience a realistic combat.

How to play

Players need to choose a character, a powerful weapon, some random skills at the beginning of game. And it is also important to make a good choice at the beginning of the game, which will make your battle more easily. As the number of zombie defeated increases, you will have the opportunity to strengthen the character, unlock new weapon, upgrade armor and weapon and more. Therefore, try to defeat more zombies to make yourself more powerful and become a professional zombie killer!


How to download

The way to download APK is simple. You just need to click the button "Download" and then it will start to download. After finishing the download process, you can install on your phone and play it.