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Zombie Simulator Z

Zombie Simulator Z V3.8.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Action Games OS:Android

Size:78 MB Latest update:Sep 28, 2023


About Zombie Simulator Z

Zombie Simulator Z is a game that uses simple, pixelated graphics to show intense zombie fights from a bird's-eye view. After playing so many high quality graphics of zombie games, Zombie Simulator Z will bring you a new visual feeling and game experience through its pixel art graphics. You will get into a post-apocalyptic world where are full of dangerous zombies. You need to try your best to survive in such a despairing world and complete many difficult missions. Play together and have fun in a high-quality environment where you can experience a realistic zombie atmosphere. And remember to be careful to everything and keep surviving!

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Introduction of Zombie Simulator Z

Zombie Simulator Z is a simple zombie theme game with pixel art graphics. There are lots of zombie games with a large world and fancy 3D graphics, but there are still some players who just want a simple game with classic gameplay and simple graphic design. If you want to play old-fashioned and retro zombie games, you had better try the game, Zombie Simulator Z. Although Zombie Simulator Z looks so simple, it still shows the post-apocalyptic world very well. And you will have to complete many dangerous missions to achieve the levels which can let you know more about the dangerous world. And Zombie Simulator Z is a game that gives players a view from above. It brings back the fun and excitement of old arcade games from the 90s. From that point of view, various kinds of enemies cannot hide from your sharp eyes. Please keep the ability to always benefit from each level.


Game features

A different post-apocalypse

Zombie Simulator Z is a video game of zombie theme that uses creative thinking to make a world after a catastrophe that is very simple and realistic. All the focus is on the character that you are in charge of moving and how it looks from every direction on the screen. At first look, it may appear that Zombie Simulator Z is a small, temporary game. However, it actually includes intense fights and battles. Only individuals who are strong, intelligent, adaptable, and can handle difficult situations are able to survive for a significant amount of time.

Various levels with missions

Every level in Zombie Simulator Z has a specific task that needs to be completed. Sometimes you have to go into a prison full of zombies, and other times you have to keep a hospital safe from dogs that have a violent zombie virus. Afterwards, you may have to save another person who got separated from others during the zombie invading. Many different situations will happen at any moment, which will bring you a varied and exciting experience fighting zombies like you have never had before.


Difficulty increases with the level

If you don't think the top-down view is important, try to play Zombie Simulator Z for at least 10 levels or more. You will be unable to see where you are on the screen, which makes the game more difficult. During the journey, you will come across numerous valuable things. Coins are the things that you can collect and use to upgrade yourself and weapons later on. However, it will be more difficult to find the rare items. You need to search every corner and keep fighting while also avoiding the dangerous zombies in front of you.

How to play

Players need to play the role of a survivor who lives in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies in Zombie Simulator Z. And players have to complete many different missions in order to achieve every level. Of course, keep surviving is the most important things for every player!


How to download

You can click the button "Download" to download Zombie Simulator Z APK. After finishing the download process, you can install Zombie Simulator Z on your phone and play it.


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