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Yeager: Hunter Legend

Yeager: Hunter Legend V1.0.12 MOD APK(Premium Unlocked)

Category:Arcade Games OS:Android

Size:9.11MB Latest update:Sep 28, 2023


About Yeager: Hunter Legend

The topic of monster hunting has been around since the days of arcade games, but it wasn't until Rise of the Monster Hunter series that monster hunting became a big hit in the gaming world. If you want to get a taste of monster hunting in Rise of Monster Hunters before playing it on a more sophisticated platform, you can test it out with Yeager: Hunter Legend on your mobile device first.

Yeager: Hunter Legend developed by IGG.COM brings a vast world to players who love to hunt monsters. Are you ready to start your hunting journey on a strange planet filled with exotic and dangerous animals? Let’s have a glance of what is like to be a monster hunter in a strange planet.


What is Yeager: Hunter Legend?

Yeager: Hunter Legend is a monster hunter role-playing game on a strange planet set in a large open world where you will hunt a wide range of the strange monsters with powerful unique weapons.

You will play the role of Yeager, a excellent Vedran hunter who has remarkable achievement. He is sent to a new planet called Mysterious Echols with the mission that he should retrieve priceless artifacts from ancient times which have been stolen by the people of Mysterious Echols. What ‘s waiting for you will be an arduous task the moment you decide to set foot on this planet. you must be faced with unfamiliar environments, unexpected traps as well as a large number of strange and dangerous.animals. The talent of the brave hunter will be fully unleashed in these urgent situations. You fight and hunt monsters in Yeager: Hunter Legend, and you'll discover some clues to uncover the dark secrets buried here for centuries. 

Game play

In the strange planet world of Yeager: Legend of the Hunter, you will have the opportunity to collect massive weapons of mass destruction to hunt fierce monsters with strange appearance.

Yeager: Hunter Legend distinguishes itself by its unique design for combat system from other action RPGS. You will be allowed to use five different weapons, including the Hunting Sword, the Force Hammer, the Fury Blade, Flux Blaster, and the Phantom Spear. Each weapon has its own characteristics.

You need to get the hang of the details and each type,enabling you to use the right weapons based on the types of monsters on the spur of the moment and to significantly reduce their power and cause damage to the monsters. On the contrary, if the right weapon is not used, you will be distracted by it. So you may not dodge attacks in time, and then prolong the battle time, causing the character to lose physical strength.

The terrifying creatures on this planet are becoming more and more, difficult to tackle. In addition to weapons, you also need to improve your strength and combat ability by two ways: one is to upgrade and combine your weapons for launching unique attacks against monsters.

In order to make weapons more powerful, you will need many Kalars which can be obtained by killing monsters; the other is to boost energy making Yeager stronger and more resilient. Two ways combined with creative moving and combat strategies, you'll have a chance to defeat giant monsters, the ringleaders who lurk in forests and canyons included.

Graphics and game modes

Although a mobile game, Yeager: Hunter Legend displays 3D monsters quite well. The landscape view is also beautiful, no matter they are mountains, rivers or deep forests. The pace is okay too. You may find the flaw of the action procrastination sometimes, but in general Yeager: Hunter Legend is intriguing and fluid in graphics. The game is particular about the device, so you need to look carefully at the description of publishers to ensure there are no delays during game playing.

You can hunt monsters in Yeager: Hunter Legend in single-player mode, so do you with friends in online multiplayer mode. Either of two modes has its own edges. But if you would like to fully enjoy the thrill of hunting alone, it's better to choose single-player mode. Nevertheless, if you are very likely to meet someone strong, then playing in multiplayer mode may be advantageous for you. 

Some tips for Yeager: Hunter Legend

Please pay attention when you meet the boss. Different from regular monsters, bosses have special abilities of fighting and is very flexible to dodge your attacks. Therefore it is essential that you should be very careful when you face the boss. 

Download Yeager: Hunter Legend 

While there are still a few minor errors in graphics and it's pretty picky about the devices, Yeager: Hunter Legend remains a very impressive monster hunting role-playing game. The game puts their emphasis on the player's strength and movement strategy rather than on role play. You can enjoy hunting fun without worrying about distractions.


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