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Z.O.N.A Project X

Z.O.N.A Project X V3.00 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:363 MB Latest update:Sep 28, 2023


About Z.O.N.A Project X

Do you like to play action games? Do you have a keen interest in atomic weapons? Are you aware that atomic weapons and radioactive materials can have serious consequences for the Earth? Z.O.N.A Project X is an FPS game. It depicts the background of the world just after the disaster of the atomic destruction of the Earth. Although atomic weapons and radioactive materials are considered by mankind to be the nation's top defense tools. However, they have neglected their sequelae, which will bring terrible destructive force and may lead to the destruction of mankind.


Introduce about Z.O.N.A Project X

Z.O.N.A Project X is an action horror FPS role-playing game published by Russian publisher AGaming+. The gameplay of " Z.O.N.A Project X" is innovative and appeals to many players. The game's post-apocalyptic theme was also highly appreciated by players and critics. Although there are many games of this type, Z.O.N.A Project X still stands out among many games because of some advantages. If you're interested, just read on.

Game features

Game background

Z.O.N.A Project X takes place at the end of a nuclear war. The war was so horrific and bloody that it took the lives of most people on Earth. Even other creatures that are not dead are radioactive and become fierce and bloodthirsty. You are one of the remaining humans, a battlefield veteran named Sergei. The Freedom Organization you joined investigates a mysterious laboratory nearby, and they renew their hope for life. However, all of the Freedom Organization except Sergei died because of another dark organization. Now, you must find out the secret behind this lab and avenge your comrades' deaths at the same time.


You need to explore large areas and complete assigned tasks on your own. There will be enemies along the way, and you must shoot them down. Your enemies are special creatures that have been modified with radioactive materials. Also, since the game's dialogue is in English, you need to know English to get a better grasp of the storyline. Pay attention to every dialogue and warning that comes up, they are an integral part of the plot. In the end, they piece together a complete story.


Exciting game pace

You need to be alert all the time because the opponent can jump out at any moment. Every time the enemy appears, you must fight as hard as you can. While fighting, don't forget that your main task is to find the location of the l laboratory. Your dead teammates are waiting for you to avenge them.

Diversified weapons

In order to survive in this big and dangerous world, a variety of weapons are indispensable. The game has a diverse Arsenal, including a variety of powerful weapons. There are several different guns you can choose to carry with you before fighting an enemy. You also need to be strategic when fighting, using different weapons against different enemies, and heavy guns are indispensable in fighting any enemy.

Realistic pictures and scary sounds

The graphics of the Z.O.N.A Project X are very realistic, and the players can't help but feel nervous when they see the ruined buildings. The game's graphics are always shrouded in fog and ruined buildings, and the player will always get chills when they see these war ruins. Sound is also an advantage of the game's success. When you hear the screams and the horrible gasps, you definitely get goosebumps.


Download Z.O.N.A Project X APK for Android

Z.O.N.A Project X is an excellent game that cleverly combines action and horror elements. If you like these game features, you can't miss this game. Enter this dangerous world and try to survive!


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