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You Can’t See Me

You Can’t See Me V2.0 MOD APK(Unlimited Ghost Point)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android

Size:204MB Latest update:Sep 28, 2023


About You Can’t See Me

Are you keen on watching ghost movies, ghost stories and researching something about related supernatural topics? You may have the opportunity to hear a wide range of ghost stories , but there is still no app to gather all the famous stories. Apparently, it is not convenient for you guys. It's time to download You Can't See Me.


What is You Can't See Me?

You Can't See Me is all about ghost phone and exorcism! You Can't See Me published by Genuine Studio Ltd will present us with a series of famous horror stories. When you read the story once again by accident, ghosts in the story will emerge and start stalking you. How can you stay unharmed to get rid of them, banish them from your area if it happens to you? You Can't See Me isn't an easy challenge making your heart race and your feet tremble.


What surprises you most is that the cell phone you use every day hides several evil spirits which seek refuge and wait for be setting free. These evil spirits will reappear and haunt you to death.

You Can't See Me presents the users with such a hypothetical situation. Your mobile phone inadvertently becomes a bridge to the devil, bringing you various kinds of evil spirits who torment your life in many ways.

The game has 16 stories at present, which involves phones and ghosts. Famous anecdotes and ghost stories from ancient to modern times, from west to east,  are recreated in You Can't See Me, such as vampires, Annabelle, Soul Hunters. 

The story starts when you're using your phone to read the background of the ghost story. The ghost lurks somewhere in your cell phone and upon hearing its name, it is immediately set free and come out of your phones dressed in his classical form. You must overcome your fear to fight against these evil spirits   Trying your best to find a way to banish them from where you are. This is such a difficult task, but it will surely give you hours of engaging game play. Furthermore,it is hard for you to stop playing presented in a somewhat fun way in You Can't See Me.

What Do You Do with the Devil?

Once they come out of the phone after being sealed, those ghosts or evil spirits would instantly run to their familiar places. The ghost may appear in the corner of the room with a white shirt on, with head hanging in the air but arms and legs stretched out to reach you. It is as if they are ready to run away and attack you at any moment. For instance, an ugly doll with a creepy face is laden with Annabelle's ghost immediately, staggering in an armchair and glaring at you.

They can be shown anywhere, maybe in the corner of the room, on the ceiling, above the head or under the feet. If you find a solution to tackle every ghost in every story (corresponding to a level) in the game, you will open up a new situation to continue fighting and banishing ghosts.

Dangerous and Unpredictable Mission

Your main goal in You Can't See Me is not to save the world, but to how to lure and banish ghosts. However, it is not quite easy and sometimes you have to pay with your life.

You Can't See Me consists of 16 levels, corresponding to 16 famous ghost legends from west to east, films and comics about the secret underworld included.

For each type of ghosts, you are advised to how to expel and lure them. Follow these instructions to play, try brainstorming to find the most creative ways to ensure your safety, and enjoy all of sixteen most classic ghost stories in the world. Therefore, for those who are keen to learn about this supernatural subject, You Can't See Me is more than just a game, but also a series of vivid ghost stories.

What is Special about You Can't See Me?

There is Infinite ghost point to be explored in You Can't See Me. And Ghost points may increase when you spend.

Download for You Can't See Me Now

You Can't See Me is a demonic puzzle game for fans keen on supernatural themes. The gameplay involves half puzzle solving and half entertainment, containing many ghost stories passed down several generations from east to west. This game is well worth a try. Let us download You Can't See Me!


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