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Witch and Council

Witch and Council v1.0.19 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 7.0

Size:118 MB Latest update:Oct 08, 2023


About Witch and Council

Dive into the game world of "Witch and Council" where thrilling horror awaits you! You can choose to play as a witch or a council member and showcase your skills in real-time strategic card battles. With intense multiplayer online matches, as well as campaign and mission modes, there are plenty of gameplay options for you to explore. The game offers a rich and diverse card system, requiring you to flexibly use various cards to defeat your opponents. Are you ready to experience this exhilarating and challenging game world? Join the game now and unleash your strategic talents!



The story kicks off when our feisty young witch, Lulu, finds herself in a face-off with a gang of mean students deep in the creepy forest. These bullies are notorious for their nasty ways, led by none other than the pompous student council president. Everybody knows about their reign of terror, but fear keeps everyone from speaking up or finding a way to stand against them. Turns out, these punks have some back-up from a bunch of corrupt witches and an army of freaky monsters. Taking them on means challenging all those forces - no small feat!


Now, let's focus on Lulu. After being ambushed, she not only takes a beating but also gets her precious necklace snatched away. That necklace is the only thing her late mom left her, holding both sentimental value and crazy magical powers. Losing it cripples Lulu, as she loses important abilities tied to her family's magic. But there's no way this girl is going to let someone swipe her mom's heirloom and only memento without a fight.


So, she sets out on a revenge mission to retrieve that precious necklace. Along the way, she crosses paths with some awesome friends who've got her back. But, of course, there are loads of creepy monsters to deal with too. It all builds up to Lulu facing off against those slimy bullies from the council, who are hell-bent on stopping her.


Everyone's desperate to figure out why they went after Lulu's necklace. Something tells us there's more to it than meets the eye. Will she manage to reclaim her mom's treasure? Or will she throw in the towel and let the bullies win, burying the whole story like countless victims before? Get ready for an electrifying showdown between good and evil, where Lulu's tenacity shines through in the face of mind-boggling challenges!



Strategic Battles

The gameplay of Witch and Council is a true test of strategy, requiring players to use their wits to defeat their opponents.


Thrilling Horror

The game's characters and backgrounds are filled with terrifying and horrifying elements, providing players with an immersive and spine-chilling experience.


Multiplayer Online

Players can engage in online battles with other players, showcasing their skills and abilities within the game.


Multiple Gameplay Modes

In addition to online battles, the game offers various modes such as campaign mode, mission mode, and single-player challenges, allowing players to experience different aspects of gameplay and enjoy diverse gaming experiences.


Complex Systems

Witch and Council features a rich card system, enabling players to strategically utilize a variety of cards to overcome their opponents.


Comprehensive Upgrades

Players can earn rewards by completing tasks and challenges, which can be used to upgrade their characters and cards, ultimately enhancing their overall strength and abilities.



Vivid graphics

The game features exquisite visuals with finely crafted game scenes and character designs, creating a thrilling and terrifying game world.


Diverse card system

The game offers a wide variety of cards, each with unique skills and attributes. Players can freely mix and match them to create powerful combinations.


Multiplayer online

The game provides an exhilarating multiplayer battle mode where players can challenge others and showcase their skills.


Abundant rewards

Witch and Council is packed with opportunities to earn various rich rewards at any time, which can be used to enhance your own strength.



Come and Join us!

Form a team with charming characters and construct card combinations to defeat enemies full of personality. Every small choice you make in each moment brings about significant changes. We invite you to join the diverse cast and captivatingly entertaining world of witches! ownload it now!


Witch and Council Witch and Council Witch and Council Witch and Council Witch and Council