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Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games

Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games V3.0.75 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Shooter Games OS:Android

Size:73 MB Latest update:Oct 07, 2023


About Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games

Do you like zombie theme games? Do you want to be an experienced zombie killers? Do you willing to be a warrior in the world that is full of zombies? If you meet the above points, Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games is a good choice for you to have a try. In Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games, the  task of player is to find and save the remaining survivors after the pandemic to gather to the shelter base. The game seems familiar with the zombie games that you have already played, but there are still many new and interesting things to try. Don' t hesitate, just have a try and enjoy the game!


Introduction of Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games

Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games is a zombie sniping game that happens in a post-apocalypse world. After the very bad virus outbreak, almost all people have become zombies, and everything is destroyed. Only a small number of fortunate people survived. They are hiding in a safe place, trying to stay alive and escape from the large group of dangerous zombies outside.

You are a skilled sniper in a special group named Zombie Hunters which is created by the survivors in the Shelter. The goal of the Zombie Hunters is to hunt down and chase zombies. They use their excellent sniping skills to defeat them from a distance. This is done in order to rescue other survivors who are under attack and bring them back to safety at the Shelter.


Game features

Hunt and snipe zombies

In this fun 3D game, you will be a big part in stopping a real devastating event from happening. Your role is to help bring an end to the unfair fight between the people who survived and groups of zombies. In the Shelter, you can pick a weapon you like, call a dog to fight alongside you.

Target the zombies from a distance, defeat them individually without getting too near, and make sure the remaining survivors show the zombies how strong and skilled they are.

Kill as many zombies as you can, aim for their heads to get better rewards. Bonuses are rewards like gold and money that can be used to make you stronger and faster. You will be able to shoot more quickly, run more quickly, have extraordinary energy and be able to revive someone who is unconscious. This is the only way to assist the Zombie Hunter, like you, in chasing an impossible mission.

Dangerous areas to challenge

In this destroyed land, there are still many places that are very unsafe. If it weren't for Zombie Hunters being there, the few people who are still alive would have very little opportunity to get away. Your goal is to go deep into these areas, reach higher levels, starting from easy and progressing to hard, kill as many zombies as you can, and become a skilled zombie sniper, known as the best in the city.


Various weapons to choose and upgrade

There are lots of different weapons you can choose from based on what you like, such as sniper rifles, machine guns, rifles, revolvers, crossbows, bazookas, and long-range guns. The Shelter has tools for experienced zombie hunters to use.

The weapon you have can be made better in terms of power, accuracy, speed, and stability while shooting. After battles, we can use a lot of money to buy upgrade parts for weapons, which will make them very powerful.

You can also enjoy playing special missions in Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games. They are always getting improved to help you get more new upgrades, including unlocking new weapons that can cause more damage.

Faithful dog as your companion

To finish the zombie hunt, a good companion is necessary. Beside the player, there is always a faithful and courageous dog. When the levels are high, search for special boxes. Collect enough boxes and you will unlock helpful pedestal dogs. Use them to smell and find out if there are zombies around. Also, it will make you feel not alone.


How to play

Players will play the role of skilled sniper to kill zombies and save other survivors in a post-apocalypse world. You can use a lot of different weapons to kill those dangerous zombies and also your weapons is allowed to be upgraded. In addition, it is an important thing to have a faithful dog as your companion.

How to download

You can easily download Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games APK by Clicking the button “Download”. After finishing the download process, you are able to install Zombie Hunter: Sniper Games on your phone and play it.


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