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Zen Match

Zen Match V220000.1.121 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:180 MB Latest update:Oct 07, 2023


About Zen Match

Do you like to play puzzles? Zen Match can make your free life more comfortable. The picture is fresh and natural, and the colorful patterns make your eyes shine. The play is accompanied by peaceful tunes to relax your mood. Try Zen Match when you're bored!


Introduce about Zen Match

Is your life always busy with study and work? Are you facing various problems, such as emotional problems, relationships, financial pressures at home, work schedules, etc. These problems can make you feel stressed and tired, everyone has their own stress, you need to find a way to overcome it. Some little puzzle games will be able to relax you and divert your attention for a while so that your mood can be restored to calm and happiness. A relaxing puzzle game like Zen Match is a great choice. Zen Match is a brick-and-mortar mahjong game that includes many colorful, vibrant graphics and melodious music. Install this game on your computer, play it for a few minutes every day, and your brain will be truly relaxed! You'll be better able to balance your busy life. If you like number puzzles, Sudoku, or mobile mahjong, Zen Match is for you.

Game features


Zen Match combines the gameplay of classic mahjong and number puzzles. Zen Match offers many levels from easy to hard, and you can progress from easy to hard. This game not only helps you focus your mind and immerse yourself in the puzzle, but also relaxes by listening to soothing music. You will match 3 tiles together according to the requirements of each level. When you match correctly, the tiles will disappear. The game ends when you have cleared all the tiles on the screen. The unique thing about this game is that you can play it every day, and every day there are new levels waiting for you. Even if you play the old level again, you will have a different and unique experience. The game will never be repetitive or boring.


Decorating the Meditation Room

Every time you pass a level, you will receive a beautiful decoration. You will have your own meditation room in the game, just like a yoga class in real life. These decorations can be used to redecorate your meditation room to your liking. Thus, Zen Match is a game that combines the triple puzzle form with the familiar mobile interior decoration genre.

Rich patterns and wallpaper

The background of the game is composed of a variety of beautiful wallpapers, including a variety of flowers and trees, mountains and rivers. Looking at these HD wallpapers, these beautiful scenes seem to appear in front of your eyes, bringing great enjoyment to your vision. The patterns of each level are also different, which can constantly bring you fresh feelings, including digital patterns, mahjong patterns, fruit patterns, insect patterns and so on. A variety of different novel patterns are waiting for you to discover in the game.

For a peaceful experience

Zen Match has different levels to help you stay focused. Beautiful natural wallpapers, as well as bricks of different colors, shapes and details in each level, can bring you joy and happiness. With poetic wallpaper and melodious background music, you will be perfectly immersed in a peaceful game atmosphere.

MOD APK version of Zen Match

You will have unlimited coins, unlimited diamonds, unlimited lotus. Clean, advertising-free pages for a better gaming experience.


Download Zen Match APK and MOD for Android

Relaxing puzzle games like Zen Match can not only help you improve your concentration, but also make you more relaxed and less stressed. Proper relaxation gives you more control over your daily life. Share Zen Match with your friends and family and play with them!


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