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X Survive

X Survive V1.755 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:194 MB Latest update:Oct 08, 2023


About X Survive

Have you ever fantasized about how to survive on an isolated island? Suppose you enter an isolated island where you are free to explore, be as creative as you want, and build your unique place, and then a new city is created.

Introduce about X Survive

There are a lot of open-world survival games out there, but X survival combines with sandbox gameplay in a novel way. To make the game richer and run smoother, developers need to invest a lot of money in equipment to reach the level of capacity to run the game! Many other games fail to find their unique style, do not understand what the player needs, and end up in a hollow world that lacks depth and is not fun to play. While X Survival avoids this, X Survival is a game worth playing. Although the game controls are sometimes not very flexible, such as the character's manual movements, overall X Survival's sandbox world is not bad.


Game features

A gorgeously designed survival sandbox game

Players have their tasks and focus on their things, so it's not too noisy. You can do anything that interests you like build, explore, fight, or loot. The science fiction background in the game is bright and natural, giving people a cool feeling. The player can feel calm and comfortable in the game.

Task set properly

The tasks in the game are relatively scattered, and the frequency of tasks is moderate, too much, not too little. As you become proficient in the game and navigate the world, the number of new missions increases. Because there's not a lot going on in this environment, the game won't be stressful for the player. X Survival also has low requirements for equipment, and the average device can load and operate the game smoothly.

"Future" style

The most unique thing about X Survive is that you will be in a future world. Everything on this fantastical sci-fi island takes on a "futuristic" style, from resources, construction methods, and craftsmanship to the monsters that always lurk around and the harsh weather.

You can build houses out of carbon steel and stainless steel, and make fictional guns out of metals, ores, and volcanoes. The game's vehicles are also very modern, and you can create them using many of the things you find, as well as pieces of the monster you just defeated.


"Wild" sci-fi life

The "wild" sci-fi life is the theme of X survival, a theme that makes an impression on players right off the start. We will find resources and materials in the game and learn how to make all the items. X survival's survival mode is very different from the manual "survival" concept we've been exposed to before and looks super modern. Of course, finding food, and water, building shelter, and then constantly making things to live on are unavoidable. The player should pay close attention to the survival state of the character and make supplies in time.

Creativity is the only limit

During their busy days trying to survive, players can also have fun on this space island, such as decorating your house and the surrounding streets, or walking around and checking out the local weather. You can build anything in X survival, including a normal shelter, a house, and a modern base. You can be fully creative and color an entire strange fantasy planet. This huge planet will be under your control and you can even build a big city with hundreds of unique houses.

Fight the enemy

This is a planet that has never been set foot on and is full of unknowns. So you must always be vigilant, ensure your safety, and if necessary, attack the monsters and wild animals that appear. You need to be armed with a firearm and use safety equipment. In addition to adapting to the rapidly changing weather, players also need to be vigilant about the "visit" of space bandits. You have to build a safe base, set traps, and add more weapons. In addition, when you defeat the robbers, you will gain some valuable items from these robbers each time.


Download X Survive for Android

X Survive is a sandbox survival game in a futuristic sci-fi world where everything is unknown and new. Download the game and get ready to explore new planets!


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