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Worms Zone .io

Worms Zone .io V5.0.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Category:Casual Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:160 MB Latest update:Oct 09, 2023


About Worms Zone .io

You might initially consider the game Worms to be a little monotonous. However, when you're really immersed in the game, you lose track of time. If you're looking for a casual, engaging game to pass the time, Worms must be at the top of your list.


Introduce about Worms

The main character of the game is a greedy worm. Worms is a game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES, inspired by snake hunting. You will become a worm and travel through the land where you live, eating different kinds of creatures along the way. You may encounter various traps on the road, and you must learn to avoid the traps on the road and not collide with other larger worms. You can make yourself stronger by eating food or worms that are smaller than you. In the end, your worm ascends to the position of lord of the worms and ruler of a subterranean country.

Game features


Simple generalization: Large worms prey on smaller worms. That principle governs how everything functions. You are the worm, and you will consume the minute microorganism that is circling the screen. As a little worm, you must stay away from crowded areas since you will perish if you mistakenly contact a bigger worm. However, as you become bigger, you'll consume any little worm that touches you, which will cause you to grow enormously. You may find it harder to move around in your land now that it is too big, and the likelihood that you will run across obstacles is also increased. Certainly, the worm will perish if you run into an obstruction or another worm. During the game, the worm cannot stop moving. Whether your worm is big or small, whichever way you use it, your worm has to be on its way. To modify the worm's crawling direction, you must employ all of your inventiveness. However, keep in mind that the worm will get a little shorter each time you speed. You get shorter as you drive more quickly.

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A large number of online players

You will be astonished by what you see when you first open the Worms because there can be up to 150 people online at once. Different worms are controlled by each person. The game has no narrative and doesn't require players to master any sophisticated rules. Come in and start the game now.

Minimalist style of images and sounds

Everything from the surroundings around Worms to the sound effects is minimalist, and the setting is player-friendly. Players are easier to observe, dodge, and eat food more fluidly. In addition, games with simple graphics are more suitable for multiple platforms, Worms will also work on mobile devices with slightly lower specs. Even though the graphics are basic, Worms has incredibly vibrant shapes and color textures. You will spend hours playing this game due to its engaging gameplay. Worms will grab your attention with its impactful background music, straightforward but eminently distinctive graphics, and fascinating sound effects when consuming prey. After playing this game once, you virtually only know how to focus on it. After playing this game once, you virtually only know how to focus on it.

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Download Worms Zone .io for Android

In Worms, your sole objective is to direct your worm as it moves back and forth across the screen in order to consume nearby food (smaller critters). Worms is a PvP action game that can be classified as a casual game. In this small game, you can compete with other players, advance in the lords of the worms hierarchy, and find comfort. You'll comprehend why Worms is so popular and why so many people download it.


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