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Worm 3

Worm 3 V2.1.705708 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Category:Arcade Games OS:Android 4.1

Size:168 MB Latest update:Oct 10, 2023


About Worm 3

Do you like to play shooting games? Ten years ago, coordinate shooting games were very popular on computers. Worm 3 MOD APK is the move of the classic coordinate shooter game on the computer to the modern mobile platform, which can fully leverage the unique features of the platform. In the game, you will play as a worm, leading a group of worms merrily bombing around.


Introduce about Worm 3

In Worm 3, there is no storyline. You are merely enjoying the thrill of watching destructive worms' intriguing behavior. You must have excellent tactical abilities and strategic thinking as the commander of a swarm of worms to defeat the opposing teams. With the same gameplay elements as the first two games, Worm 3 uses turn-based combat. However, it includes some fresh information, such as trade cards. The gameplay mechanics have a few different points from previous installments, and while a bit difficult, it creates more initiative in combat. It will naturally take some time for you to get used to the control layouts of the virtual controller. These buttons are used to control mobility and fire at various targets in the game. Worm armies now possess a wider variety of weapons than in the past. You may explore a vibrant and intriguing battleground in Worms 3.

Game features


Any game mode in the game is compatible with the cards in it. They are your instruments for improving the unique game mechanics. You can make the mission more challenging and give the player some unique support advantages. Additionally, you can improve health, lessen enemy damage, or lessen the worm army's reliance on gravity. Worm 3 is impressive not just for the new cards, but also for the worm control enhancements. The weapons that made Worm famous, such as the Bazooka, Prod, and Traditional Dynamite, will be encountered once more. You'll also be impressed by the homing pigeons and old ladies in the game. Nora's virus is the most distinctive. Each weapon has an eye-catching, distinctive design and differs in terms of assault strength and damage.


Game modes

Campaign mode is Worms 3's primary game mode. You will fight animals in a beautiful environment that changes with the level. 27 single-player missions are available in Worm 3 over four new settings: the beach, Ghost, farm, and sewer. Worm 3 also includes various fresh game types, such as Online multiplayer or Quick matches against AI. These two new game modes were added to Worm 3 by Worm 2.

Updates and extensive customization

In the third season of Worm 3, there is a feature that has attracted a lot of players. There are four major classes that you can use to customize your huge worm. Each enormous worm has unique traits, differing greatly in size, shape, speed, and movement. In addition, Each member of the team can also alter how they look by donning additional hats, glasses, and scarves. You can dress them any way you like. Even the crazy victory celebration animation of the worm army and the manner the grave markers for worms who perished in battle can be customized.


Download Worm 3 for Android

Worm 3 makes use of 2.5D and 3D technologies to create dynamic and vibrant game patterns and background colors that make players pleased to play. The characters are humorously designed, the gameplay is entertaining and dynamic, and there are numerous loud battle sequences to fully immerse players in the experience. If you want to relax through games, Worm 3 is a fun action game that you must not miss. Download Worm 3 right away, shoot at will with the worm army, and have a fun game party with your friends!


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