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World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 V1.8.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Sports Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:845 MB Latest update:Oct 12, 2023


About World Cricket Championship 3

Playing sports games in your free time is something you might enjoy doing to unwind. The World Cricket Championship 3 is a very realistic cricket game with lots of contemporary features. You'll encounter difficulties in the game's large and small cricket competitions because the game also boasts highly developed artificial intelligence.

Introduce about World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 is a highly realistic cricket game featuring impressively intelligent AI! High levels of realism and clever AI are invariably the two requirements for a high-quality modern sports game. World Cricket Championship 3 is a game where you may see for yourself how crucial it is to have these two strong things. World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3) is a cricket video game with excellent controls, novel gameplay, and enticing multiplayer features that was exclusively created for mobile platforms. This game stands out in particular for its high level of realism in each match and the athlete AI's intelligence, which creates dramatic reactions distinct from those in many other sports games.


Game features


WCC 3 is renowned for having extremely realistic gameplay. The game's designers expertly blended real-time match simulation with live cricket play, creating a variety of fun competitions and events that not only enthrall spectators but also produce a wealth of fantastic experiences. The scale dynamic AI system helps to further the high level of realism in WCC 3. In other words, the better you are, the better your opponent will be. All AI players will be automatically improved to match your skill level during the games. Although the players have a lot of important cricket to play, they are never bored.

Explore the sport of cricket

The amount of cricket enthusiasts in Europe and the Americas is significant, even though Asian nations may not find it to be as popular. There have been some cricket games in the past, but most of them haven't really captured the beauty and vitality of the game. As a result, World Cricket Championship 3 has given many cricket fans the chance to fully immerse themselves in this exciting sport. WCC 3 is pre-built with hundreds of expert movements that are modeled from the motions of actual elite athletes. While batting, bowling, or hitting, you can simply pick up, practice, and develop a wide variety of movements. The only issue left is figuring out how to apply these moves throughout the crucial moments of the game to secure the desired victory.


Cricket matches are filled with an exciting atmosphere

The world of match cricket at WCC 3 has become even more thrilling thanks to the knowledgeable commentary of Australian legend Matthew Hayden and top player and pundit Akash Chopra. A lively, thrilling mood was created at the beginning of each game thanks to the two commentators' alternating illumination of numerous games. Professional commentary, active leadership, a large stadium, intense lighting, and fervent spectators... All of this combined produces a beautiful scene that entices you to participate in both large- and small-scale cricket competitions. You will take pleasure in stunning, realistic, and atmospheric cricket matches.

New career mode

Career mode is the most noticeable in WCC 3. You are a player with a fairly low starting position in this situation. Gain the chance to join a solid, forward-thinking team, nevertheless. Since then, you can participate in various domestic and international competitions with your club. You develop your courage, skill, and professionalism during a journey of more than 400 such games, and become a great cricket player who is desired by every club in the world.


Download World Cricket Championship 3 for Android

Enter the game to start World Cricket Championship 3 and have fun! Rich multiple characters and highly realistic gameplay are waiting for you to unlock. If you want to learn more and get more deeply involved in cricket, the best option is World Cricket Championship 3.


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