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ZOMBIE HUNTER V1.72.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:251 MB Latest update:Oct 13, 2023



Do you like zombie-themed games? The zombie "party" in ZOMBIE HUNTER is the most vibrant and grandiose you've ever seen. Up until this point, it was uncommon to witness a zombie "party" as vibrant and grandiose as ZOMBIE HUNTER's. With all the restrictions, skills, and shapes more unpredictable than ever before, the game Zombie Hunter elevates the zombie theme to a new level.

Introduce about ZOMBIE HUNTER

This is a zombie hunter-themed offline game. The game's countless fresh concepts and distinctive zombie designs can keep gamers enthralled for days. VNG GAME STUDIOS is the publisher of ZOMBIE HUNTER. The company is also the developer of many popular shooter games, such as Zombie Madness, Sniper Zombie 3D, DeathWar, and DeathTarget. But Zombie Hunter's peculiar "halo" will keep your eyes firmly fastened on the screen and force you to continuously plunge into the game's chores and progress without pausing. This game contains a lot of distinctive elements that other games lack. Are you prepared for this thrilling excursion to go heavy-duty hunting? Try to withstand the zombie influx!


Game features


ZOMBIE HUNTER takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment where players shoot zombies. But the game's world is genuinely absurd. You never know what kind of zombies you'll run into, whether they'll have bunny ears, be robot zombies, or huge beast zombies. As a zombie hunter, you will overcome the wave of human zombies that appear in the game, while destroying bosses dressed as mutant zombies. In ZOMBIE HUNTER, you also need to complete side quests. In addition to hunting, chasing, and destroying all the zombies in the world, players must also solve puzzles, find secrets, and find many hidden treasures along the way to battle. This implies that in order to overcome all of these obstacles, you not only need to have strong weaponry and exceptional shooting skills but also acute brains and a keen understanding of strategies.

Unpredictable zombies

The scenario in ZOMBIE HUNTER is that the zombie virus that is ravaging the Earth is now such a potent type that no one can foresee that they can evolve and give birth to any variants. When you first enter the world of ZOMBIE HUNTER, you have to deal with a number of zombies that have never been seen before in any of the zombie games you have played. They are the largest zombies, full of fat, able to roll and crawl on the floor, and even jump thousands of miles in the air. Of course, in addition to these distinct zombie varieties, you should always be prepared for innumerable hazardous zombies to come all at once like raging waves.


Advanced Weapons

Your weapons must also have sufficient strength if you want to combat the crazed zombies. ZOMBIE HUNTER is now rewarding players with free designs for a variety of cutting-edge firearms when they reach goals by killing zombies. Modern sniper rifles, handguns, bows, and machine guns can be seen in ZOMBIE HUNTER. Each type features a sophisticated design and a variety of colors, not just one dull shade like before. Additionally, each gun has upgrading systems that allow for the insertion of new components to enhance power for improved speed and bombardment. When holding a weapon, you can execute different combat tactics depending on your skills and preferences. Bring more excitement to the zombie-killing journey.

Build a solid shelter

You need a haven if you want to battle and survive in this turbulent environment over the long haul. Every day after a battle, you can go there to recover your strength, work on various weapon upgrading mechanics, and assist you in fending off any unexpected zombie attacks. You need to build the ideal shelter by collecting more items, turning it into a strong fortress, and being able to withstand many attacks.


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ZOMBIE HUNTER is a fantastic offline zombie game with engaging gameplay, simple controls, well-known themes, and lots of unexpected elements.