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Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders V4.5.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android 7.0

Size:172 MB Latest update:Oct 13, 2023


About Words of Wonders

Do you have any knowledge of crossword puzzles? When solving crossword puzzles using Words of Wonders, you will experience something unique. The game is not difficult because you will have some available advice to draw on. However, certain sections can be difficult since they contain a large number of terms that are difficult to recall if you don't relate them to the context of the tourist attraction that inspired the puzzle. You can spend time practicing your memory with this entertaining game. You can pass the time by playing this entertaining game while improving your memory.


Introduce about Words of Wonders

One of the earliest methods for improving memory, picking up new vocabulary, and passing the time is to complete a crossword puzzle. These kinds of games are now widely available on mobile. Words of Wonders is a brand-new environment within it. Try out this game once if you enjoy playing crosswords. With other crossword puzzles, you typically have to guess the missing letters in a row or column using pictures or a few thematic hints. However, a hint circle is always given in Words of Wonders.

Game features


You will need to touch the screen to connect the letters in a specific combination for each row of words you need to guess. The letters will appear in a little circle below. Any combination will be noted and automatically displayed on the puzzle board if it results in words that make sense and correspond to the board's objective. For instance, the board has four cells with the letters B, N, E, and D underneath the circle in each cell. They can be joined together to make the word BEND. That's correct, you have completed a crossword puzzle row. Like other crosswords, it seems easy and doesn't involve much thought. However, if you consider a word with 5, 6, or 7 letters, there are a lot of possible combinations, making it harder to match the right term.

Context of the crossword puzzle

In Words of Wonders, each crossword puzzle is matched to a well-known tourist spot. If the circle of letters doesn't make any sense to you, look there. Does it make you think of a well-known word or phrase connected to that location? If so, this will be the second tip to aid players in finishing their crossword.

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Unlock a number of desirable tourist spots

A place name appears in each cell. You can earn points once you've finished the crossword puzzle. When you have earned enough points, you will be rewarded with a number of gorgeous tourist photos and stunning landscapes of this region. Likewise, the next location will become accessible. And so on, until you have successfully visited each of the seven natural wonders and amassed a valuable collection of travel pictures.

An unexpected trip

Words of Wonders will be the best recommendation for you to travel through the mobile screen if you are stuck somewhere, don't have time to travel, or want to explore locations in the world. You can also control your want to pack your bag and leave by looking at lovely images and reading intriguing words about lovely tourist places all over the world.

Fun but challenging

Words of Wonders has a large number of crossword puzzles. Each level is a little more challenging and introduces some new language knowledge. You will instantly improve your crossword puzzle by visiting different locations. Not only will you gain experience testing your memory with old words, but you'll also be able to practice memorizing new words in a way that's more fun than learning a regular dictionary.


Download Words of Wonders for Android

You may unwind, exercise your brain, and let yourself explore a variety of foreign cultures by playing Words of Wonders. It seems like a lot of fun to play the crossword game in this novel style.


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