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Woodoku V3.18.01 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:133 MB Latest update:Oct 13, 2023


About Woodoku

Do you enjoy playing word puzzles? Block-puzzle game Woodoku features distinctive wood block graphics. Although it resembles a Sudoku crossword, this game's rules are remarkably similar to those of a classic Tetris game. Download Woodoku now and try it out with your friends!


Introduce about Woodoku

It is a Sudoku and Tetris puzzle game published by Tripledot Studios Limited. Muscles and brains are similar. You must practice daily if you want it to fully grow or if you want to retain your speed, strength, and agility. Playing puzzle games with a variety of puzzle types is the best method to exercise your brain. Puzzles and Sudoku crossword puzzles are two of the most popular types of games for people of all ages. As you must constantly figure out how to move and rotate the blocks to put them in the proper location, building blocks allows you to improve your reasoning and sharp problem-solving skills. You can improve your memory and logic by solving sudoku crossword puzzles. Imagine a game that integrated these two types; it would be good for exercising the entire brain. If you have a strong interest in crossword puzzles and Tetris puzzle games on old Nintendo consoles, then Woodoku is something you should not miss.

Game features


Woodoku is a Sudoku-style puzzle game played with wooden blocks on 9-by-9 grids. The game consists of a square grid with numerous little squares inside. Dark wood cells are "empty rooms" that are still lacking, while cells with light brown walls have already been filled. As soon as the game begins, a variety of shapes comprised of numerous fundamental squares will appear at the bottom of the screen. You must move these lower shapes into one of the "empty rooms" above by dragging them and rotating them in various directions. To fill these empty spaces and remove them from the grid, make matches. You succeed and go on to the next level if the screen completely obliterates the grid's squares. You will lose if you allow the squares to fill the screen without placing them next to one another to destroy them.

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Improve the ability of observation and logical reasoning

Not only is Sudoku a relaxing game, but it can also train observation and logical reasoning skills, thus measuring your IQ brain score. The game will score your IQ after each level and let you know what level you are at based on how you handle the blocks and empty areas. Woodoku includes an unlimited amount of levels, so you can play for as long as you want. The main objective of this game is to discover higher mental realms and regularly practice having a keen mind. Playing more will make your reasoning more incisive and flexible.

Play with themes

In Woodoku, you have the option of playing Woodoku-themed levels in addition to the standard levels with the regular brown and wooden block styles. Each week, there are currently hundreds of new wooden puzzle levels. Each level has a distinctive style and objective.

Collect gems and prizes

Each level you pass earns you a corresponding number of gems and prizes, which will give you a great deal of help in later levels. So collect as many gems and valuable prizes as you can!

Beautiful graphics and quiet music

The game features subdued images and music, and the two together can provide some intriguing results. Woodoku promises to provide you a lot of enjoyable hours that will both calm your mind and sharpen your intelligence.


Download Woodoku for Android

Woodoku can be downloaded and played offline at any time because it is so little. Additionally, there are no time restrictions and lots of levels in the game so you can play for a while without becoming bored.



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