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Wolf Tales

Wolf Tales V300320 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Simulation Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:339 MB Latest update:Oct 19, 2023


About Wolf Tales

You'll find fresh inspiration for the simulation genre in Wolf Tales' immersive wild animal simulation experience. Conquer enemy clans, protect territory, hunt in packs, mature, start a family, bring up kids, gather friends in the forest, and even change into a powerful, mythical dragon. In Wolf Tales, everything is possible. Download Wolf Tales and write your own tales about the beast!


Introduce about Wolf Tales

Wolf Tales is a wildlife simulation game published by Foxie Ventures. In order to advance in a survival adventure, you will assume the role of a Wolf in the game. With Wolf Story, you can choose to begin your virtual survival journey as either a black or gray wolf. With Wolf Story, you can choose to begin your virtual survival journey as either a black or gray wolf. The world of the game grows as the game goes on, offering you a number of previously unattainable experiences, like being able to access numerous legendary wolves with peculiarly strong bodies and abilities. You can even transform into the fabled dragon, who can shoot flames and soar through the sky. Let's look at what we can do in the wolf story universe now.

Game features


As soon as you launch the game, you will take on the role of a wolf in a lush forest, embarking on a bleak survival mission. When you are an adult wolf, you will become a member of the pack and hunt alongside the strong pack while taking in the grandeur of the mountains and overcoming the many obstacles presented by nature, like the cold, hot weather, rain, and much more. Naturally, conflict will inevitably arise. Your group will frequently go on active PVP battles against other clan invasions or go on smaller-game hunting. In addition to surviving and leading a comfortable life, the objective of the game is to defend and exert total control over your territory through a variety of means.


Make friends with other powerful animals

Along the way to maturity and combat, you will have the opportunity to form friendships with a variety of strong forest creatures, including bears, foxes, and weasels. On a mutually beneficial basis, these friends could assist you in your survival journey. When you are old enough, you will have a female wolf companion with whom you will form your own life, live apart from the pack, and raise intelligent and quick cubs together. In addition to learning how to feed, care for, and protect your small family, you will also learn many essential life skills that will enable the wolf cub to live independently just like you did.

Distinct evolution

Players can also see a lot of distinct evolutions in Wolf Tales. You will be able to access new evolutionary upgrades after you reach a particular level of play, accomplish numerous significant combat achievements, and succeed in defending your clan, family, and territory. You'll transform into the fabled undefeated ghost wolf with unbreakable skin. In this game, you will discover the peculiar powers of these pricey skins and see how the game transforms myth into reality.

From wolf to mythical dragon

The skin upgrades don't seem to be fulfilling enough after you've attained the highest level. Thus, the game completely transforms from the conventional method of progression into a new form where you go from being a wolf to a real dragon, a magnificent, enormous animal out of legends. When the game comes to an end, you get the option to transform into a real dragon, complete with fire breath, aerial flight, and the ability to enjoy the battlefield. Either you can issue challenges to other dragons or they can challenge you. Although it seems like the game is about to end, it never really ends—it just goes in a different direction.


Download Wolf Tales for Android

A game simulating wildlife, Wolf Tales features a lot of dramatic competitive elements, harmonious rhythms, and rhythmic gameplay. Try out Wolf Tales if you enjoy simulation games.


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