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Will Hero

Will Hero V3.3.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Crowns)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:104 MB Latest update:Oct 19, 2023


About Will Hero

Will Hero takes you on a puzzle path through a distant land where you encounter soft square shapes with a bright, simple pixel art graphic style. For those who enjoy exploration and treasure hunting in the world of blocks, this little but lovely game is perfect. Go on this lovely adventure with your friends!


Introduce about Will Hero

Adventure Portal is a magical portal that Will Hero opens for the player. This is the doorway leading to the perilous distant regions. You're going to go on an action-packed, thrilling, dangerous, and constantly-new platforming adventure in the vein of an arcade game. The skilled and brave will only be able to access the priceless treasures that are waiting for them. The violent Orks abducted the Princess in the blocky world. You cannot just stand by as the kingdom's greatest hero. Start your journey to save the princess right now. To defeat the Orks and finish the mission, you'll need to use every weapon skill you have.

Game features


In the action-platformer arcade game Will Hero, the block hero character moves in an unusual dash-style. You will progressively obtain some basic melee weapons, like bombs, stones, and axes. In order to move forward, avoid obstacles, and defeat enemies in this game, it all comes down to controlling your character's movement and combining weapons with preexisting skills. When you first start out, you might feel that the hero's action is a little erratic because the operation is unfamiliar to you. Once you get the hang of it, though, you'll find that pushing forward in this manner actually buys you more time to gather your thoughts and plan how to counter the enemy. In any case, these methods of movement must be combined with the ability to wield a sword, kick to release blocks to clear the path, and occasionally use bombs to eliminate opponents or toss daggers to cut through obstacles with an ax. The character's weaponry is largely unaltered throughout the adventure, but you can upgrade their weapons to deal more damage.


Brutal combat scenes

Those cunning Orks move around while they wait for you to get there. They dispersed throughout the area, laying traps and complicating matters for you. They occasionally stand guard in tall forts, waiting for you to approach and fire. However, our hero is very powerful. You will be able to construct towering structures out of the available blocks, leap to the ground over the Orks, and use your hands to smash them with the weapons. Your chances of discovering new spells for the hero increase with the number of enemies you vanquish and the variety of unpredictable dangers you face.

Unlock character skins

You can gather dozens of helmets for your character in addition to spells, weapons, and skills. Superbly adorable and stylish hats featuring designs influenced by knights, princes, crusaders, Vikings, dogs, cats, unicorns, pandas, pigs, and chickens are available. You can change your hero into a funny or stylish person if you want to. As you play the game and accomplish numerous goals, these hats will become more and more available for you to select from.

Explore the dungeon

One of the player's main missions is to locate and rescue the princess. Along with investigating dungeon adventures, our hero must delve into various worlds and gather priceless treasure chests to return to his homeland. You will come across these loot occasionally when fighting the Orks. Possessing numerous treasures also allows you to expedite the hero's weapon strengthening and spell unlocking process. Wealth and strength go hand in hand, as does the capacity to delve deeper into this world.


Download Will Hero for Android

Will Hero is more than just a lighthearted game; it's a very engaging tactical platformer action game. As you become accustomed to the character's "horizontal" movement and conquer all obstacles and traps while fighting off enemies, you will advance deeper into this thrilling blocky game.


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