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Wild Space

Wild Space V0.99.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Power)

Category:Simulation Games OS:Android 8.0

Size:177 MB Latest update:Oct 20, 2023


About Wild Space

You can demonstrate your building techniques in Wild Space by constructing an energy production and research outpost on an alien planet with all of the resources at your disposal. Consider playing Wild Space if you enjoy this kind of simulation game.


Introduce about Wild Space

In the far future, Earth is running low on resources. Resources and energy have run out, and humankind could face extinction at any time. Finding a plentiful alternative energy source to replenish Earth's surface and meet basic human needs is currently the most pressing task. A unique campaign is started. Based on past research, a number of planets that are both feasible and relatively safe are sent with astronauts, technicians, and engineers for remote missions. This team of experts' job is to research new mineral resources and determine how to best utilize them. Eventually started building a new energy research outpost to replenish Earth's diminishing energy. In the construction strategy game Wild Space, you will establish an outpost in space! There are requirements for player preferences in Wild Space. You might find it challenging to play this game if you're not a big fan of resource gathering, sci-fi, and fantasy space games, or strategy games.

Game features

Explore new planets

In Wild Space, the player's mission is to visit other planets in search of life beyond Earth. You will normally be the first person to set foot on this planet if there is still no living thing or evidence of life. Finding evidence of life on an alien planet will be your first task. Look for life and find out who resides here, if any exists on the planet. You are free to develop, use, and construct anything on this land if you discover a planet that is entirely devoid of life. There are always plenty of resources on an alien planet, both beneficial and detrimental. Subsequently, the probe will be used to explore deep into some areas of the planet's surface in search of indications of abundant resources. Resource extraction is the next step, which comes after you receive the report's findings regarding the surface structure and the names of the minerals and resources found here.


Building a power station

Building outposts is something you can do once you have an abundance of resources. The planet's surface map is arranged in the form of a hexagon. Construct the plant, install machinery, pour reinforced concrete surfaces, and reshape the site for the next building using the resources already in place. The ultimate objective is to establish a large Outpost with the primary focus being the exploitation of the resources on an alien planet. This Outpost will serve as a Research Center for the planet's shared energy production. Of course, during the game, you also need to make full use of the Explorer's secondary props. These supplemental props not only enable you to explore the planet more quickly, but the intricacies of the outpost's infrastructure also expedite completion.

Strategy in construction

After you have identified the locations of the planet's mineral resources, you need to install an appropriate system in the appropriate spot. It's important to consider how far the future outpost will be from the major mining regions and to be aware of any topographical obstacles.To optimize the effects of the entire energy system, the hexagonal cells within the same system also require a certain degree of continuity. Of course, you also have to think about all the potential difficulties on this strange planet. Natural catastrophes and galactic storms can occur at any time, destroying your entire incomplete project. Thus, having a border that is storm-proof is crucial.


Download Wild Space for Android

The space-based strategy game Wild Space demands a lot of patience. Locate potential new energy sources for Earth and work step-by-step to establish outposts and find a means to utilize them. Numerous things are in store for you in the future.


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