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Wild Hunter 3D

Wild Hunter 3D V1.0.14 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Category:Shooter Games OS:Android 4.1

Size:36 MB Latest update:Oct 20, 2023


About Wild Hunter 3D

Are you a fan of shooting games? You can grab a gun in Wild Hunter and go hunting. The game features a diverse array of wild animals that will compel you to go hunting everywhere you go.

Introduce about Wild Hunter

In short, Wild Hunter 3D presents a wide-open wild world teeming with wildlife. To hunt every species that is rarest, largest, or most exotic in the world is your ultimate goal as a legendary hunter. The hunt starts with a wide variety of creatures, ranging in difficulty from easy to large dinosaurs. You can hunt freely in the wide open world! Keep improving your shooting skills and strive to become the best animal hunter in the world!


Game features


In Wild Hunter 3D, your only task is to aim and pull the trigger. Utilize your exceptional shooting skills to take down numerous large and exceedingly hazardous untamed creatures within the realm of animals. The game features a lot of strong weapons. As you hunt the animals, you will gradually unlock. An animal's score increases with its size and level of danger. In this game, you'll find zebras, leopards, bears, elephants, lions, and more. You can even hunt dinosaurs that have escaped from the game's fictional dinosaur park later on, once you reach higher levels. In the game, you can use swift vehicles in addition to walking or hunting through the forest. These techniques assist you in shortening the distance at which your gun is firing in addition to making it simpler to pursue strong, uncommon animals. But more transportation options also present a lot of difficulties for players. Because you have to drive at wind speed and aim directly at the beast. It gets harder to keep the barrel stable while aiming and firing the faster the vehicle and the greater the ability to approach animals.

Assistance and obstacles for players

For medium-sized animals, you only need 1-2 shots to kill them quickly. However, with larger species, numerous shots at strategic body points will be necessary. You have a better chance of eliminating more specific weak points more quickly the better your approach is to them. The score will increase with a faster kill time. There are creatures that are not only enormous in size but also incredibly mobile. You will need to drive the vehicles that the game supports. You will need to drive the vehicles that the game supports. If you don't take great care, you might lose your target.


All kinds of weapons

Numerous weapons, primarily guns from basic to advanced, are upgradeable in Wild Hunter 3D. Because these gun designs are all based on real-world inspiration, the gameplay feels vivid and authentic. You can expect innumerable rare animal encounters, speed, and ferocity throughout more than 200 exciting hunting missions. Will you have the courage to become this realistic 3D world's legendary hunter?

The view

Not to mention the dynamically shifting game settings. From the verdant, old forest to the isolated, arid region to the icy, snow-covered terrain. Different species and ecological traits are present in every location. You have the chance to see the world through the eyes of an experienced hunter when you travel. It's time to take control of the territory and gather the greatest hunting bounty.


Download Wild Hunter 3D for Android

A fun mobile shooting game with a wildlife hunting theme is called Wild Hunter 3D. The game immerses the player and draws them in with its vibrant 3D graphics and remarkably lifelike soundtrack. If you like shooting games, you must not miss Wild Hunter 3D. Get the game by clicking the link below, then go hunting with your buddies right away!


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