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Wild Fighter Idle

Wild Fighter Idle V1.9.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 7.0

Size:902 MB Latest update:Oct 23, 2023


About Wild Fighter Idle

In your free time, do you enjoy playing role-playing games? You have to be interested in this game. Android users can play the role-playing simulation game Wild Fighter Idle. The main character, Hyun Woo, must begin his quest for his missing memories and battle a group of adversaries with clenched fists in the game.


Introduce about Wild Fighter Idle

Some classic characters from the Black Survival series have emerged. These include Hyun Woo. The attractive man with red hair has a reckless face marked with scars from the past, and his eyes are full of fire and disregard. Players have been particularly taken aback by the muscular physique combined with a contemporary body fashion look. You will now get the chance to reunite with Hyun Woo in a role-playing simulation game that is just for him. This game, which is a melee fighting game, has an intriguing backstory about black survival. The title of the game is Wild Fighter Idle.

Game features


In Wild Fighter Idle, everything begins when Hyun Woo wakes up and loses all memory of his identity, location, and past experiences. He has to start carefully searching through this strange place in order to locate his lost past. There appeared to be a lot of forces blocking his path along the route, either because they were hostile toward him in the past or because they didn't want him to remember everything. One by one, they forced Hyun Woo to fight to overcome them as they continually got in the way of him and made excuses. There's a chance that this is his only chance to reach his destination and discover the truth about his past.

Idle feature

Wild Fighter Idle is a combat role-playing game, so the player doesn't have to actively take the initiative to complete every task. An idle feature in the game enables the character to strike an enemy automatically as it gets close. Your role is to move, navigate, and give your character combo combos; the rest is up to your hero to fight. Gold coins and additional EXP points are awarded to you when you defeat an opponent. To level up your character, gather these points. Gaining experience points in head-to-head matches grants you access to new abilities, faster attacks, and greater power. You can customize the character's appealing appearance and unlock skins and costumes with an increasing number of gold coins.


Diverse skill system

In Wild Fighter Idle, there are a lot of different skill systems. The more than 30 distinct skills are broken down into 2 categories: passive skills and active skills. Hyun Woo will begin the game with his first three basic melee skills. The quantity of skills increases as the character's level rises after reaching a particular point. Simply fortifying one's character with active skills can lead to achieving everything eventually. To use passive skills, you must gather certain items and activate buffs. Additionally, each skill needs a different cooldown. Because of the high combat efficiency, it can be a little annoying.

Several avenues for character development

You have a lot of options when it comes to character development when playing Wild Fighter Idle. By using HP, CRIT DMG, and other means, you can concentrate on increasing the character's combat stats. Alternatively, you can concentrate on leveling up your character through combat. To give your character more powerful abilities and to concentrate on defeating opponents with these cutting-edge weapons, you can also decide to upgrade or add new equipment.

Graphics and combat effects

The Wild Fighter Idle was created using contemporary 3D technology. The game offers a unique, exquisite, detailed, and seamless experience. The main character has a charming design that is packed with intricate details about his appearance—particularly his strikingly expressive eyes. The fighting scenes in this game will satisfy you, and the character's skill effects are exceptional. Kicks, punches, swings, and combos are rhythmic and adaptable.


Download Wild Fighter Idle for Android

A distinct melee game, Wild Fighter Idle offers a multitude of uncompromising battles, deep role-playing aspects, and unrestricted character development. As all you have to do is concentrate on character development and skill enhancement, you will undoubtedly enjoy the idle aspects of the game.


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