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Where’s Samantha?

Where’s Samantha? V1.10.21 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 7.1

Size:218 MB Latest update:Oct 23, 2023


About Where’s Samantha?

Where's Samantha? Is a novel adventure game about obstacle racing. The unique point of the game is that it‘s set in the handwoven textile industry. This relaxing game is full of unique graphics. Come and help George find his lost love Samantha and overcome all kinds of problems and obstacles!


Introduce about Where's Samantha?

Where's Samantha? is a warm and lovely story about two rolls of wool trying to reunite. Playing Where's Samantha will provide you with a few minutes of peaceful and comfortable entertainment because the game moves slowly and has simple gameplay with only 45 puzzle levels. The world of cotton canvas and all the charming handmade goods is the background of this game. Imagine yourself as George, a ball of wool. Samantha is the missing spouse of George. George is en route to locate his spouse to bring the family back together.

Game features


Where's Samantha is a puzzle game featuring obstacles. Assisting George in finding Samantha is the player's mission. You will need to navigate 45 pre-designed levels with challenging terrain and plenty of obstacles to accomplish this. George doesn't give up and makes use of all of his abilities to overcome them all. In particular, this roll of wool can split apart. You can divide yourself into several tiny yarn spools and manipulate each one separately. After conquering challenges in tandem, masterfully navigate a riddle situation while traveling. You can decide if you want to split or combine your parts to get them back to how they looked before during this process. How to solve the puzzle and advance to the level's end with the help of the smaller clones. 

When it comes to gameplay, Where's Samantha is very easy. The only controls are a button, a touch, and navigation. Selecting the right option and separating the body to navigate the terrain can be challenging at times. You can decide which of your small friends to control when you're detached. The other little friends will sleep while you control one of them, and they will wait for your touch to wake them up and let you continue. These procedures are one thing that keeps happening again. Where's Samantha's cloning mechanism is pretty good, in my opinion, but it requires a lot of time and repetitive tasks. Where's Samantha, perhaps, if George had been endowed with a more potent, active talent than cloning? has evolved into a more playable and accessible game.


Barriers to diversity

The wool reel moves a little slowly, which makes the game speed sluggish as well. The questions the game poses are quite clever, and the gameplay mechanics are a little unusual. Not only can your character move, but there are also a lot of movable obstacles on the road. Cotton letter collecting is another part of George's search for his spouse. This serves primarily as bonus points and adds nothing to the character's capacity for overcoming challenges. I find this to be a regrettable point. It would be far more dramatic if the words together led to some intriguing hint that would allow him to save his wife.

Unique Clone Ability

No mobile game I've ever played has allowed the characters to clone themselves. The clone experience is therefore rather positive, even with the rough pacing and repetitive feeling. These small wool friends can be divided into clone versions and will assist the character in numerous situations. For instance, George needs to pass through a door, but the switch to open it is located far behind. Thus, you must divide the two such that one half holds the switch, the other half passes through the door, and the other half holds a second switch to allow the other half to pass through the door. Playing Where's Samantha doesn't require you to focus too much on survival. Neither blood nor a backup network are present.


Download Where’s Samantha? for Android

Aside from its peculiar graphics, Where's Samantha is an easy game to play, with brief, slow-paced gameplay. You should play this indie game on your phone.


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