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Where is He: Hide and Seek

Where is He: Hide and Seek V1.0.15 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:155 MB Latest update:Oct 24, 2023


About Where is He: Hide and Seek

Where is He: Hide and Seek is the story of an innocent father who has a naughty child. No matter how awful he is, you make sure he is safe when your wife entrusts you with the children's care. It may seem easy, but it's not, because this new kid is really aggressive. Are you ready to be a tired dad watching naughty kids all day?


Introduce about the game

It's never easy to watch over naughty kids. especially when it's a child with superhuman strength, an exceptionally bright mind, and the ability to pull off the most outrageous pranks to annoy and elude you. You take on the role of a somewhat sluggish father in Where Is He: Hide and Seek, but one who never gives up on his duties to the family. When his wife leaves the house one day, the man has a "greater" day to spend with his children. The child in this game is about the size of a newborn because he is still in diapers. However, if Shin is a real person, then its degree of destruction and mischief is negligible. Download the game now to experience how naughty the kids in the game are!

When Dad takes care of the kids

You cannot truly “understand” some things if you have never dealt with them firsthand. I've always believed that caring for a child is just playing with them. Why is it that everyone I know who has kids laments over something so basic? One day, my brother-in-law was away on business, my sister was far from home, and I was left to watch the kids for almost a whole day. What do you know? I spent a week lying in bed feeling chilly after that day. You may think I'm exaggerating. A child won't do anything excessive when he is as gentle as a piece of blank paper. However, my nephew doesn't even remotely fit that description. Even at four years old, he has just as much trouble as Tom and Jerry. He did too much the day I watched him. It dropped a bunch of snacks in the refrigerator and proceeded to climb the cupboard without noticing. On his bike, he climbed and nearly fell. He dipped the gamepad in water and used a brush to clean his uncle's treasured game disk. The only thing I wanted was for the items in the house to disappear so I wouldn't have to go looking after I truly saw its terrifying potential. Upon recovering from my cold and recalling that awful babysitting incident, I purposefully searched the internet for games that told a similar tale. I discovered Where is He: Hide and Seek.


Game features


In this game, children run around and hide in every nook and cranny of the home. Its chubby little body, hiding in the toy tent, beneath the bed, and behind the toilet. You spend the entire day searching for him, and all you get in return is laughter from somewhere in the large home. You have other responsibilities for your baby in addition to playing hide-and-seek with them reluctantly. You have to feed him, and you have to put him to bed when it's time for him to sleep. After a long day, drag him into the bathroom to take a shower. When it cries, you must soothe it and give it toys to play with. If necessary, changing diapers is also required. However, there are additional diversionary factors. Both your child's destructive and creative abilities are at their peak. With a few careless seconds, it can accomplish some startling things that lead to unforeseen mishaps in the home.

Freely choose the character

The character selection feature is probably Where is He: Hide and Seek's unique selling point. In the game, you can choose to not only play as the "victim," but also as the child. In the game, the child is the source and cause of all suffering. No matter where you are, it is your job as a father to locate your child and keep him from hurting you in an accident.


Download Where is He: Hide and Seek

The game screen for Where is He: Hide and Seek never ends and features an endless number of different maps. The father will battle all day to keep the child safe, and the game is full of innumerable tragedies, tears of laughter, and the child's limitless inventiveness.


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