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When the Past was Around

When the Past was Around V1.125 MOD APK (Unlocked Full)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:347 MB Latest update:Oct 24, 2023


About When the Past was Around

This is a girl's story about falling in love, having doubts, falling apart, and overcoming difficulties. In the course of the game, you will find that somewhere in the girl there is a miniature image of yourself. At what point do you begin to immerse yourself in the story and begin to feel sympathy for the girl?


Introduce about When the Past was Around

As it happens, feelings in people are not inherent. Experience, suffering, happiness, and loss are the sources of them. Your approach to life's challenges and setbacks defines your maturity, not when you get older. Even after a long life, we are constantly surprised and learning new lessons about growth. This game will take you on a journey of love and healing. When the Past was Around is a straightforward, poignant, hand-drawn point-and-click puzzle game that can help you cut that learning curve even more.

Game features


Storytelling, love, brokenness, and letting go of Eda—a young woman barely in her twenties—are all themes in When the Past was Around. She hurriedly looked for her dream, lost in the process, like many young people do. Do you recall how confused and alone you felt all the time when you were in your twenties? Ada, like most people, had some challenges with dreams and love. Ada always had the impression that nothing in her surroundings fit her, and she was unable to find a soul that resonated with her. Before meeting The Owl, Ada had gone many days without having any goals. After that, everything changed. She realized that her previous life had been a tasteless one when she met him. The Owl kindled a passionate fire within her with genuine affection. When two people truly love each other and spend their last years together, that is love without calculation. When the Past is Around is a poetic story that evokes strong emotions in readers, acting as a gentle catalyst for human emotions.


Break up and go through

However, life is not smooth sailing. When The Owl departed, leaving Eda by herself in the home they had shared, it was also a farewell to the dreamy times. Eda is currently seated here, reliving the shattered memories of love via the interwoven timelines. The memory seems to be haunting Eda, bringing her back to the present, forcing her to confront her pain in this world of now only dreamlike lines. Thankfully, as she went through those bits and pieces of memory, she gradually came to understand a lot, including the nature of the relationship's secret and The Owl's departure. With every door that is unlocked, a sequence of peculiar riddles appears, which you must solve to progress further into the secrets. A powerful heart medication is a journey of reliving the love story, exploring one's deepest feelings, and learning about both oneself and the person they love. Eda has healed herself by the game's conclusion. Her mind is gradually moving toward a state of letting go, and her heart is no longer breaking. One day, Eda will glance back, smile a little, and cherish the memory, tucking it away in the most special corner of her heart.


The classic point-and-click puzzle gameplay is still present in When the Past was Around. The game's basic controls are reading, watching, and coming up with puzzle ideas by touching and dragging on the screen. When the Past was Around has created a beautifully rendered tale of a broken heart. With more than 1000 words and exquisite hand-drawn graphics, the game captivates you from the start and keeps you interested as the plot develops gradually. As the narrative develops, you'll step inside Eda's reimagined world of memories. Every chamber symbolizes a significant turning point in Eda and The Owl's relationship. There will be a lot of memory shards in each room, presented to you as puzzles to solve. The door leading to the next room will open after you've finished all the puzzles in that room.


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It's a must-try game if you're looking for a quick and enjoyable adventure. You will find a mirror that reflects your youth in the game, and there is always something to look forward to. Each of us is always searching for dreams, joys that are bittersweet, love, and letting go, but it takes years to find them. A wonderful little game that can cheer you up is When the Past was Around.


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