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Wheelie Life 2

Wheelie Life 2 V2.9 MOD APK (Purchased)

Category:Racing Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:444 MB Latest update:Oct 24, 2023


About Wheelie Life 2

Are you a fan of racing games? The main theme of Wheelie Life 2 is Wheelie technology. Show off your intelligence and attempt to become an expert motorcycle balancer in Wheelie Life 2!


Introduce about Wheelie Life 2

Wheelie refers to the action of raising the front wheel of a racing motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle. The racer must do this by using the clutch or the engine's powerful thrust, using the back wheel as a pillar to stay on the ground, and simultaneously jerking the front wheel to raise it high off the track. In essence, riders use wheels to get over difficult terrain obstacles. However, the technology later developed into one of the most cutting-edge ones, showcasing the skill and sophistication of the rider. Depending on the player's preferences, Wheelie comes in a variety of forms. These include Circle, high chair, Tank wheelie, Frog wheelie, and many more. Every wheelie route has a different level of difficulty based on the type of vehicle, the track, and the expert rating of each match. Nonetheless, they are all similar in that they are risky, challenging to execute, and call for persistence and practice. Because of the great amount of excitement this technology brings, many motorcyclists and cyclists are very enthusiastic about it. There is a game called Wheelie Life 2 that you can play if you're curious about this wheelie technique and want to try it out for yourself.

Game features


Like in real life, players take to long-term tracks in Wheelie Life 2 and begin racing motorcycles. You have to continuously demonstrate your best roller skating while adjusting the motorcycle so that it always stays balanced after a somersault on the track in order to earn as many points as you can. The basic controls for Wheelie Life 2 consist of a few virtual buttons on the screen, making it very easy to play. Reaching a high level in the game is difficult to master, though. You must comprehend the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle, the concepts of track balance, and how to navigate the occasionally challenging Realistic Physics of the game.


Highly realistic physical simulation

The motorcycle will still maintain its balance if you run a sufficient distance, build momentum, use the clutch as a pillar, brake quickly to raise the head of the bike, rotate, or land gently after a short period of time. Wheelie Life 2 contains a very realistic physics simulation of the entire process. This implies that everything will be enjoyable to you just as it is in real life. But you will also encounter various difficulties in Wheelie Life 2. Your ability to perform amazing wheelie scenes will be limited if the motorcycle lacks momentum. When you attempt to lift the wheel, it will drop very quickly if the clutch is not stable enough, leaving you with little time to perform additional technique. Keeping your balance when the front wheel hits the ground is arguably the most difficult part of the technical portion.

Motorcycle customization

Wheelie Life 2 lets players earn money by completing challenging Wheelie levels, just like other racing games. Points are given according to how difficult the technique is. After accumulating enough points, you can give the motorcycle new skins. To the stunt performers, every new paint color adds a little bit of excitement.

Game modes

You can play both the Free mode and the Wheelie Technique Online mode in Wheelie Life 2. In Free Mode, play as though you were honing your wheelie skills; there are no rules or rewards—you just need to smash your own records across a variety of races and routes. Wheelie Tech's online mode allows you to compete against players worldwide. Wheelie Technique online mode can be a great option if you are confident in your technique and want to push yourself even further.


Download Wheelie Life 2 for Android

Gain proficiency in motocross racing and demonstrate incredible wheelie skills. Practice with confidence and then challenge other online players to constantly explore the exciting wheel technology. Wheelie Life 2 features all of them.


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