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Westland Survival

Westland Survival V6.3.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 6.0

Size:439 MB Latest update:Oct 24, 2023


About Westland Survival

If you like action games, you've heard of Wild West gunfights and liberal adventures. However, have you ever experienced the true hardships of this land's living? Westland Survival, a wilderness survival game, will tell you everything about the dangerous reality of this new land of the Wild West.


Introduce about Westland Survival

It is never simple to farm in an arid, desolate area. Although there was no government to encourage them, the first men ventured out into the unknown West. In terms of courage, I think they are all heroes. Despite their ignorance of the animals or the weather they would encounter here, they made the decision to go. Westland Survival will provide you with the most thorough explanation so that you can comprehend the perilous journey taken by these pioneers.

Game features


The exploration of the American West has inspired numerous well-known artistic creations throughout history, including video games. Westland Survival chose a different setting for the game. In contrast to many other games, Westland Survival portrays the everyday lives of the first settlers of the Wild West without taking advantage of the shooter and cowboy themes. They had to deal with inclement weather and subpar living conditions during this early period. Disease risks and dangerous wildlife can appear at any time. The survival game Westland Survival is quite cruel. However, the sense of survival in the game is more intense and authentic because everything about life has been documented in history. To construct their first shelter, players must manually craft a variety of items. Next, defend yourself and the house from hostile enemies by employing a number of cowboy skills. You essentially pick up new abilities and information from every place you visit and experience. This is where the road to becoming a first-generation cowboy legend starts.


Construct the initial home and farm

On the day you arrive, the area remains barren, hazy, seldom sheltered by vegetation, and the climate is dry. You firmly believe that you will lead a happy life here, and we require a decent shelter. Construct a basic ax out of some of the trash you have lying around. Cut wood, fell trees, and create some sturdy, artistic crafts with the ax. Gradually, a tiny home began to take form. To ensure a safe life, this is still insufficient, though. To create a larger farm, you can gather rare resources and materials to increase the living area while adding more area for planting and raising crops. You must have a comprehensive fence and fort system in place to safeguard your farm. To this extent, the location is ideal, secure, and serene for players to live in rather than just a place to stay.

Make everything in a cowboy fashion

There are no machines or factories here, and the people who visit are sporadic. The place is empty. You'll need to use all your crafting skills to make the necessary items yourself because you'll be among the first to set foot on the land. From crude weapons like axes and hammers to more sophisticated weapons like bows, firearms, and armor... You'll be able to defend yourself with more effective and active techniques. The odds of surviving in this land also rose with them in hand.

Dangerous animal

In this Wild West, there are many potential sources of danger. A large bear may leap while you are focused on your kill. You could sustain potentially fatal injuries from a dangerous reptile biting you. The wicked bandits are also circling the farm day and night in an attempt to pilfer all of your hard-earned produce. Try to catch the wild horses, bring them to the farm, tame them, and train them to be obedient mounts. The horse plays a major role in a cowboy's ability to move quickly enough to defeat an enemy.


Download Westland Survival for Android

Westland Survival, a vibrant survival game that is set in the Far West and features actual historical colonization, tests the player's shooting prowess as well as resource management abilities. Download the game and become a cowboy legend!


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