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Welcome to Primrose Lake 4

Welcome to Primrose Lake 4 V1.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Puzzle Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:355 MB Latest update:Oct 25, 2023


About Welcome to Primrose Lake 4

GameHouse Original Stories is the publisher of the video game Welcome to Primrose Lake 4. The mobile publisher effectively blends puzzle game elements with adorable doll role-playing elements. Playing a series of mini-games, Welcome to Primrose Lake 4 is the fourth entry in the eponymous game series that takes players on an adventure to solve puzzles in strange places. Right now, at Carlisle Manor.


Introduce about Welcome to Primrose Lake 4

Puzzle and adventure are combined in this entertaining doll-style game. There's always entertainment value to mobile games, and some are made specifically to amuse. They don't have a lot of puzzle games to play or items to gather. The game is enjoyable and soothing, allowing players to do anything they want. A game like this is called Welcome to Primrose Lake 4.

Game features


In Welcome to Primrose Lake 4, the fourth installment of the eponymous series, you will encounter well-known faces, names, and characters, though the setting and goal are slightly altered. We will next travel to the town of Rocky Mountain, where Carlyle Manor, a peculiar structure, is located. The events in part three—David McGovern's disappearance—are followed in this section. There is an attempt to calm down and start rebuilding Carlisle Manor, even though the equilibrium is not restored following a perplexing sequence of events in Part 3 and there is still a lot of panic. With Jessica's assistance, you and the villagers will renovate the manor in the fourth section. But then she noticed some sinister hints. Everything appears to be connected to this massive estate's past. Everything had a secret, and the secret was probably far larger than she and the villagers had realized.

Familiar characters

Jenny, her friend, has returned here with Matthew and plans to stay for a long time. At the moment, Jenny works at the Carlyle Cafe. She is focused on doing business and building a calm life for herself in this seemingly tranquil city. She occasionally experiences pain from the leg injury from the previous incident returning. The wound seems to hurt more now than it did before, and perhaps this portends misfortune. The chance to get to know the well-known characters from the entire series is presented in Welcome to Primrose Lake 4. You embark on a brand-new journey at the same time, facing a big secret that will require all of your time and resource management skills to solve.


Time management

Turning up the veil of secrets hidden beneath Carlyle Manor's deep snow will require you to team up with Jessica and her friends. You can hone your time management and resource management abilities by lending a hand to the townspeople while they work. Everyone is enduring the severe winter. The town's entire survival and well-being throughout the seasons depends on someone with good management skills issuing reasonable instructions. You will gradually come across more significant hints as you assist individuals along the route. Everything points to Carlyle Manor's secret being buried there.

Explore secrets for clues

There are a lot of exotic areas surrounding Carlyle Manor, especially around Lake Primrose. Every location holds a secret as well as unique ecological traits. You can search through each of the 60 locations—which match the 60 management levels—until you find every clue in the game thanks to puzzles. After that, arrange them in the most sensible order to uncover the town's secret. Keep in mind that there is a time limit on our story. The town as a whole will be in danger if this secret is discovered too late.

Lots of little games

There are tons of entertaining minigames in Welcome to Primrose Lake 4. For example, fishing, cooking, setting up the estate for the holidays, and planning the family dinner. Each game has its gameplay and requirements. You'll receive a ton of alluring rewards after finishing each game.


Download Welcome to Primrose Lake 4

The success of puzzle adventure games, which blend entertaining minigames with adorable characters, is demonstrated once more by Welcome to Primrose Lake 4. Try this game out here! Every age group can enjoy playing it.


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