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Weapon Craft Run

Weapon Craft Run V1.8.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Arcade Games OS:Android 5.1

Size:302 MB Latest update:Oct 25, 2023


About Weapon Craft Run

Publisher Rollic Games is known for creating incredibly entertaining, quick-witted games like Money Rush, Blob Hero, and Pressure Washing Run. This company releases similar games that are ideal for players to pass the time and get a short rest. In addition, Rollic Games has just released a brand-new game called Weapon Craft Run, which looks to be a lot of fun for fans of the short-term amusement game genre.


Introduce about Weapon Craft Run

With elements of racing, shooter, and "endless runner" genres, Weapon Craft Run is an incredibly visually appealing mobile game. You will be able to change into an object while playing this game, and you will need to gather weapons and supplies to battle foes and dodge roadblocks. Within just one month, the game has amassed over 500K downloads on the Google Play store, all thanks to a somewhat ridiculous-sounding but incredibly appealing mechanism.

Game features


Depending on the level you select, Weapon Craft Run's gameplay can be easy or difficult. As you control a character on the track, you'll need to run quickly to avoid collisions and dodge through chaotic obstacles. You must declare war to repel attacks from opponents and take them out. The game will only end if you are hit by your opponent while they are running and you are not equipped with enough firepower to take them out. You can select the appropriate weapon for each circumstance, as different weapons deal different amounts of damage. To assist you in taking out opponents along the way, you can gather weapons and ammunition in the game. To increase the weapon's attack power, fire rate, and accuracy, you can freely modify and customize it. As the levels get harder, you'll need to be well-prepared and gather a ton of fresh data and resources to keep improving.

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Gather things you drop while running

Similar to the gameplay of other endless runner games, Weapon Craft Run requires you to gather a lot of crucial items to level up and accomplish specific objectives. In particular, a few items—like money, higher stats, and more guns—will appear while you're running. Undoubtedly, the money was used to purchase additional tools and equipment outside of the store. Not to be overlooked is the significance of the track's increased green cell count. Depending on what's written in the caption, you can receive more damage, ammunition, and fire rate. But typically, there will be two or three options grouped closely together; your job is to rapidly determine which box will yield the highest profit for you to enter. Later on, these upgrades will have a big impact on your progress.

Customize and purchase new equipment

You can upgrade your character's weapons and costumes in Weapon Craft Run by customizing and buying new gear. Prisms, scythes, ammo counters, barrels, and other accessories are among the items available for purchase from the shop. Every weapon has unique qualities that make it suitable for a wide range of circumstances. For example, a gun with greater power can take down more formidable foes, but a weapon with a faster rate of fire is better suited for dealing with multiple enemies at once. You can use the gold and money you earn from in-game tasks and missions, as well as the gold and money you buy through in-game or in-app purchases, to upgrade and buy weapons and apparel.


It feels like you're living in a vibrant, perilous world thanks to the game's stunning 3D graphics and realistic sound effects. The gameplay is straightforward but never feels boring thanks to Weapon Craft Run's vast array of exquisite and varied weapons.


Download Weapon Craft Run for Android

Any age can have a great time playing Weapon Craft Run. This game will be a terrific option for you if you want to unwind during a 10-minute break or just want to play for fun.


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