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Volzerk V1.3.1 MOD APK (Damage/Defense)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 8.0

Size:107 MB Latest update:Oct 30, 2023


About Volzerk

A monster universe theme informs the action role-playing game Volzerk. You'll embark on an incredible journey where you'll create legendary monsters and use them to vanquish every foe on the planet.


Introduce about Volzerk (MONSTER UNIVERSE)

Lemria Fortress is one of the strangest places on the planet. Secluded in the midst of a stormy sea is an island. The only place left with an abundance of natural resources is Lemria, which is hidden beneath the surface and is home to many unidentified "monsters" and hidden ruins. This location is referred to as the Middle-Earth Monster Universe for this reason. From the moment of the island's unintentional discovery, humanity was drawn to it and all of its inhabitants. On that peculiar island, humans have assembled a special research team. As their interactions with the island's monsters increase, the research team's goal is to discover as much as they can about the island. Beast Magna and the Guardian of Volzerk Island fought a fierce battle one day. Subsequently, they vanished simultaneously, seemingly nonexistent.

A decade later, the story is still ongoing. Due to the monsters' eradication as a result of the loud battles of the past and Walczak's disappearance, the island is now oddly empty. These days, very few people discuss it and it's never mentioned in any texts. Nearly everyone who was aware of the ancient monster stronghold had vanished into thin air.

Currently, Lemria has been discovered by a survey team. Fina, the only person fortunate enough to see Walzek vanish, is in charge of the investigation team. One day, she suddenly experienced an odd feeling and began to believe that she would be able to bring Volzark back. Here is where the player's journey as Fina starts.


Game Features

Unique action role-playing game

It's an action role-playing game called Volzerk. Along with taking part in exciting combat between humans and monsters, you will embark on an amazing journey. Players will have the opportunity to learn abilities never before seen in the game thanks to the strange fusion of human and monster elements. To defeat opponents who are stronger than you, you will also be able to utilize the special abilities of numerous weapons by switching them up one at a time.

Feeding and breeding monsters

It's an action role-playing game called Volzerk. You have to locate and properly raise the monsters if you want the army of them. The fabled monster breeding feature of Volzerk will assist you in doing this. You can uncover your true strength with the aid of the monster you have found, bred, and raised. To put it another way, the monster you are raising determines how strong it is when it comes to fighting. While raising multiple monster species, you can also Self-Break two monsters to create a new monster that shares the two parent species' two wings and two ability advantages. Utilize this technique to generate a surprising new species in this game. Furthermore, if you'd like, you can breed monsters with the monsters that your friends who are also playing Volzerk have. Making your choice of monster based on your fighting style and preferences is therefore the first rule of the game.

Excellent voice actors, background music, and graphics

Three major components—visual design, background music, and voiceover—are integral to Volzerk's success. Every monster in Volzerk is crafted from striking anime and amazing 2D designs, featuring peculiar shapes that catch the eye. A hint of Eastern mythological monsters can be detected, but they are also blended with Western mythological cult species, blending in with some real wild animal characteristics. A number of bizarre monsters that are unmatched throughout the game are produced by this ideal combination. An adrenaline rush is experienced upon the addition of a new monster species, and it is this thrill that keeps the action dramatic while playing. Volzerk also features a significant amount of background music. Every scenario has a unique sound design. The voice cast for Volzerk is equally fantastic. The lovely voice has conveyed each unique personality trait of a human being.


Download Volzerk for Android

If you have an interest in this genre, you should play the role-playing game Volzerk, which features monster fighting.


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