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VOEZ V2.2.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Music Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:525 MB Latest update:Oct 30, 2023


About VOEZ

The largest music library currently available is found in VOEZ, an entertaining rhythm game. Do you want to play a game while listening to exciting music? VOEZ can satisfy you and give you the opportunity to enjoy many profound stories at the same time. Download VOEZ to your phone now!


Introduce about VOEZ

What is the duration between your last music game play and now? When was the last time you let go of thought and tension and followed endless sounds, only to experience pure joy? Come to VOEZ if you're looking for a music game featuring youthful characters and amazing contemporary music. A vibrant adolescent journey, VOEZ offers you the chance to learn about numerous tales of youth filled with exuberant joy, happiness, pride, and even melancholy in love through melodies after melodies. The liberty to pursue your own path, tune in to the heartbeat and melody, hear each person's tale, and occasionally you'll discover the exceptional beauty within a musical game.

Game features


Chelsea is the protagonist of the VOEZ story. Singing and baking are two things that this lovely young woman really loves. An unforeseen event occurred right after the girl had been leading a regular and peaceful life and believed she would never have the opportunity to fulfill her dream. Chelsea was attending a high school, and something unexpected occurred on the campus. Unintentionally, the girl discovered that a few of her classmates shared her intense enthusiasm. The collective resolves to follow a shared dream after getting together. This was the beginning of the band VOEZ, which is also the name of the game. Life isn't a dream, though. It's possible for anyone to start a band, given enough motivation. However, it is very challenging to keep the group's reputation alive, inspire passion in each member, and bring everyone together on a daily basis. Finding a way to use your group's strength to overcome difficult challenges is essential if you want to persevere and keep your band and passion for music alive.


A unique, lively music game

As you follow the fervent journey of group VOEZ, in which Chelsea serves as the primary character, you will get to hear the silky, lively melodies of numerous captivating new tracks. The sound has flexible control, crisp clarity, and accurate representation of the trebles, lows, and drops. In VOEZ, not only is the music superior, but the visuals are as well. The band will present you with countless chances to host the exquisitely beautiful characters. Everybody will approach musical challenges in a different way and have a different strength on their chosen instrument. It feels like a thrilling new adventure when you unlock new characters.

Constantly innovating and updating

VOEZ is a mobile rhythm game with a record-breaking music collection, and it always aims to reach that level. The developers release a new batch of songs each month. The developer occasionally releases fantastic free song packs along with updates. You can play VOEZ by downloading it and then participating in real-time battles against other players worldwide. VOEZ has a great deal of potential for long-term gameplay development with its ongoing innovation efforts, publisher updates, and real-time music battles.


Download VOEZ for Android

If you want to find an impressive music game, come to VOEZ's melodious music world. There are not only deep stories, impressive young characters, but also a rare music collection and beautiful images. If you are a fan of music games and have certain requirements for music and graphics, you must try VOEZ, it will definitely bring you a great experience! You can also ask your family and friends to play VOEZ with you, compete with each other and share stories with each other.