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Viva Project 2

Viva Project 2 V1.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 6.0

Size:789 MB Latest update:Oct 31, 2023


About Viva Project 2

In the contemporary simulation game Viva Project 2, you can engage with all of the lovely anime characters by playing and receiving positive action reactions from them. Taking a stream bath with the lovely anime girls!


Introduce about Viva Project 2

Viva Project 2 is a role-playing game published by Poison Pill. A town with hot springs serves as the setting for Viva Project 2. You can freely interact with a variety of lovely AI anime characters in this non-VR-compatible high-tech simulation game and enjoy charming, poignant, and interactive actions. The description provided by the manufacturer states that players are able to freely interact with the AI anime character in the game, which is made possible by modern AI simulation technology. Conversely, the artificial intelligence (AI) character has the ability to recall, pick up on, and document your actions. Based on this, the AI girls will actively react to player actions. This capability is explained by the fact that the intelligent AIs in the game use the inverse kinematics mode to function independently, even when performing a variety of intricate tasks. In the game, you can pinch a girl's cheek to make her pinch yours. With over 200 animations, sexy anime girls in Viva Project 2 can react to a significant amount of player actions.

Game features

You determine the girls' mood

In Viva Project 2, it's not just the girls' movements you can change, their mood is also up to you. Viva Project 2's cheerful and hospitable girls have a richly transformed mood, much like the girl in real life, who experiences erratic rain in the morning and afternoon. Your feelings are mutual, and if you're happy with them, they'll be happy, and vice versa. You can play, tease, joke, flirt, invite them to try a particular snack, or you can just want to take a bath and be friends with the girls. Since every player is free to play however they choose, every player will behave differently. There's only you and these beautiful girls in this world of miniature hot springs.


Unlock new characters

Your gaming points will increase as you engage in more interactions. You'll be able to unlock a new female character once your credits reach a specific threshold. Since every person has a unique figure, face, body, and personality, there will also be differences in how you respond to other people's gestures and actions. Nobody is exactly like anybody else. You have the chance to touch, feel, and get up close to so many different beautiful personalities in the same hot spring bath.

A passionate gaming community

Those interested in AI anime interactive art can form a small, connected community within Viva Project 2. Join the community to exchange ideas and discover how to give characters different voices, outfits, and hairstyles. Additionally, you can give advice on how to enrage those stunning AI girls or get them to submit to all of your requests. Plenty of seasoned players in the community have these tips to share. You'll be spending more time with the game's girls and less time learning about the game when you interact with the community.

Character customization

Beyond being created from the ground up, the stunning anime girls in Viva Project 2 each have their own distinct personalities and styles. However, you can also freely alter a girl's look by customizing her hair, skin tone, swimsuit style, and eyes when you unlock a new character.


Download Viva Project 2 for Android

Because so many exquisitely rendered female characters are in close proximity to you, Viva Project 2 can be a somewhat sensitive game. Viva Project 2 has rapidly captured the attention of many men worldwide because of its dynamic feedback feature in both action and mood. This game can be played by those who are older than 18.


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