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Virus War

Virus War V2.0.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 4.4

Size:69 MB Latest update:Oct 31, 2023


About Virus War

A space shooter called Virus War is a recreation of the beloved arcade shooting spaceship game from the 1980s and 1990s. Currently, the viruses that are spreading throughout space are our main target rather than the alien spacecraft. Download Virus War and Utilize your phone to recreate the beloved spaceship shooter!


Introduce about Virus War

A virus invasion is currently underway. For some reason, dreadful viruses are proliferating in vast numbers and traveling across space at breakneck speed. It is your task to pilot the spacecraft into space and aim and eliminate each of these terrifying viruses.

Virus war is a game that is not difficult to understand and can be played immediately upon opening. There isn't much of a plot in the game, and even the setting mentioned above is obvious. The primary goal of this game is to relieve players' tension and provide them with a sense of refreshment, relaxation, and freedom from heavy responsibilities. Your task is simply to concentrate intensely and relish the sensation of firing the spacecraft repeatedly with your hands and eyes as you watch the fast-paced bombardment screens on the screen.

Game features


Virus War is a game that you can play by yourself or against friends to set new records on the leaderboards. One of this arcade game's primary strengths is that it can be played anytime, anywhere. Virus War is not only a mindless game that can be played anywhere, but it can also be played with just one hand. The reason for this is that Virus War's control mechanism is fairly straightforward. In order to shoot and kill viruses while avoiding running into these filthy microorganisms, the primary objective of the game is to maneuver up, down, left, and right. Ball Blast and Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack has been expertly blended in Virus War, which also draws inspiration from the venerable Chicken Invaders video game. Because of the game's virus waves, it is spreading at an equally rapid pace. The game's virus waves are contributing to its equally rapid spread. In comparison to many casual or arcade mobile games, Virus War is more approachable due to the one-handed gameplay experience and the features' simplicity.


Upgrade the spacecraft and weapons

Upgrades to your weapons and spacecraft are also possible, but they occur automatically and don't require the player to take any action or make difficult decisions. Your point total increases as you shoot more viruses. Your weapon will level up automatically when you reach a certain number of points. After you've been playing for a while, your spaceship will become a more advanced, aggressive model. To be more precise, secondary weapons will become available to you once you have finished level 5. The two upgrades that make up the primary weapon are Firerate and Firepower. Strength and Firepower are the two additional items that secondary weapons can be upgraded. You can upgrade these two weapons at will, based on your preferred style and strategy.


If you eliminate every virus at a level, you'll move on to the next one. Most of the scenes in the first few are simple. However, as time passed, more and more virulent virus strains with a wide range of sizes and the capacity to move very quickly proliferated. If you want the game to continue, it will force you to move and shoot constantly. You're going to have more difficulty in each level as soon as viruses take over your screen. The fact that you are not required to eliminate every virus that shows up on the screen is a benefit for players. When faced with high-status viruses, steer clear of them with skill. Unlike Ball Blast, which bounces back, the virus will fly across your screen. You can let enemies fly by and wait for weaker viruses, rather than having to eliminate every enemy, like Chicken Invaders. Idle games and Virus War share the same features. You will see a passive amount every second on the right side of the screen. To obtain additional coins, you can purchase a bonus upgrade. This feature is excellent. Now, you can freely upgrade weapons with passive bonuses instead of needing to play every old level to earn money.

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Download Virus War for Android

Download Virus War now, work hard to collect points, and upgrade your new weapons and ships!


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