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Vikingard V1.7.17.1d09a4ac MOD APK (Speed Up)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 7.0

Size:2 GB Latest update:Nov 01, 2023


About Vikingard

The NetEase developers must be well-known to a large number of players. With its popular Onmyoji role-playing game that draws millions of players worldwide, it is one of the top game publishers in China. A brand-new strategy game called Vikingard APK was just made available. Even though it was just released, it has received over a million downloads and an outstanding rating (4.6/5) from users.


Introduce about Vikikingard

Develop your land, herd animals, take on formidable opponents, enlarge your domain, and bring honor to your people. Try Vikingard, a unique product with a Nordic theme.

Game features


A difficult situation has come to you as the leader of a village in Scandinavia. A natural disaster is always harassing people, there will be a famine, and countries and villages are constantly being invaded. Seek out gifted individuals, mold them into significant figures, and engage in trade farming to stop the starvation that is threatening to destroy your tribe. Furthermore, you will build your village into an unprecedentedly wealthy and prosperous place, both militarily and economically, where its residents can be safe from nearby hostile invaders.


Like the popular Northgard game, this role-playing game features a turn-based strategy centered around the theme of Nordic warriors.

Gather Viking heroes anywhere.

Your goal in the traditional turn-based gameplay is to gather Viking heroes from all over the place, which is also known as Hersirs. You can choose from a wide variety of fighting styles because each Hersirs warrior has unique fighting prowess and fighting style. You can either divide the bonus points equally among all heroes or stack them for the strongest one each time you level up. The Viking heroes get stronger as they advance in level, and their stats can eventually take down the strongest foes. Furthermore, hiring gifted individuals will promote robust economic growth and cultivation in addition to aiding in land protection. You can select and arrange each person in the proper positions within the village based on their abilities and stats.


Explore a huge world

Once your small nation has stabilized, you can explore the vast United Kingdom as well as the territories of many other nations. You'll get the chance to explore a sizable map that spans the European and Nordic regions. In Vikingard, there are a lot of places and secrets that are just waiting for you to discover. Let's establish ourselves as a legendary leader whose renown and influence span the entire continent!

The alliance system

You will not be alone in the game but will be fighting with countless nations from other players and artificial intelligence. Let's unite into a strong alliance, defend one another from hostile nations, or share and encourage trade. You must exercise caution, though, as no ally or foe lasts forever. Like in the renowned Game of Thrones film, anything can happen at any time, including betrayal. In this regard, you should exercise caution at all times.

The inheritance feature

To make the game more visually appealing, the developers added dating and marriage features. With a suitable partner, you can now select, present, and flirt. Cherish intimate moments together in order to produce a descendant. Naturally, it will require time and effort to develop your successor's strength, power, and talent. Raising a good heir will ensure the long-term prosperity of your country.

Graphics and sound

Even though turn-based strategy games frequently have a shoddy set of graphics, Vikingard has a very good one. The character design, the setting, and the screen map all give off an incredibly striking and realistic Viking vibe, as do the armored weapons. It depicts the heroic and brutal battles as well as the development of the Nordic region from its prehistoric phase. To give the player the impression that they are fully immersed in the medieval Nordic world, a lot of melancholic background music tinged with tragedy is included, depending on the circumstance.


Download Vikingard for Android

It is never simple to create a wealthy and powerful country. This is an excellent summertime strategy game where you can become a strong Viking leader and guide your people to prosperity and glory.


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