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Viking Gods

Viking Gods V1.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Casual Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:257 MB Latest update:Nov 01, 2023


About Viking Gods

In the idle tap game Viking Gods, you must continuously tap the screen to upgrade your character and gather items so that they can engage in combat on their own. This time, we're talking about the holy Viking warriors.


Introduce about Viking Gods

This is a Viking Warrior-themed idle click game published by PIKPOK. The mythical period between the Viking gods serves as the backdrop for Viking Gods. Threatening the Nine Realms, the crazed Ragnarok has risen and wants to retake everything in order to demolish, purge, and create his own universe. You are to become one of the gods of the Vikings and work with the goddess Freya to stop this from happening. Recovering the holy artifacts that Loki stole is the goal of the mission. These items are dispersed throughout the nation. By gathering them, you can put an end to this never-ending conflict and bring Ragnarok's insanity to an end.

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Game features


You will embark on a number of quests in this brand-new 2D cartoon-style idle tap game, including a devastating battle with Ragnarok and a final battle to put an end to things and bring order back to the Nine Realms. You will need to continuously fortify your defenses by unlocking resource rooms that hold iron elements in order to accomplish this. Gaining upgrades for every room helps you become a more formidable Viking warrior and increases your mining output. In the end, it's clear that you're the real hero who fought Ragnarok to the end. The speed at which you level up is proportional to the speed at which you collect iron. To mine iron ore and develop your character, keep tapping the screen. All you have to do is fight, have fun, and let the character handle everything else on its own.

The battle is not alone

You will never be able to defeat Ragnarok, not if you are a valiant Viking warrior or if you are gradually approaching divinization. It will take allies as determined as you to defeat him. To unlock and gather additional legendary hero characters, you will need to use gold coins that you will get by tapping and holding the screen. These coins can be obtained by exploiting resources other than iron. They can defend the Nine Realms and battle Ragnarok's army together. Earning experience points (XP) by engaging in and triumphing over small-scale combat with Ragnarok's minions. This serves as the foundation for players to enhance the team's champions and optimize each player's stats—in other words, as you get stronger, so do they. The group valiantly crossed the Bifrost bridge to further the Nine Realms' peace after gradually making progress against the formidable bosses. You will eventually hold an immortal army by banding together with Viking heroes all over the world and enabling them to battle and gain strength. Ragnarok's goals can only be overthrown by this mortal force of unity. In this game, you gain strength by looking out for your teammates.

Fun game experience

Viking Gods will undoubtedly offer you a fresh experience even if you've played a lot of Norse mythological combat role-playing games. During the fight, a lot of interesting things happen in terms of the characters, action, style, and graphics. You'll feel completely engrossed in this idle game thanks to the Viking original soundtrack. Due to its simplicity of play, fun factor, and ability to present the legendary heroes in a humorous light, Vikings Gods is an excellent game for entertaining.


Download Viking Gods for Android

At the moment, Viking Gods offers over 40 missions, including a PVP online mode where players can compete with each other for rewards and place on worldwide leaderboards. Increase your strength and prestige as you battle Ragnarok to put an end to the chaos in the Nine Realms.


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