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Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 V3.0.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 4.4

Size:109 MB Latest update:Nov 01, 2023


About Vegas Crime Simulator 2

You could think of Vegas Crime Simulator 2 as a humorous PC and console take on the GTA legend. You'll take on the part of a pimp in the contemporary city of Vegas who blatantly breaks taboos and defies the law. In case you're wondering why this game is so appealing, it even has a superhero element.


Introduce about Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is an Action game published by Naxeex Action & RPG Games in which you become a super-criminal who can get away with murder!

Game features


Part 2 of the mobile game Vegas Crime Simulator is called Vegas Crime Simulator 2. Once again, the story revolves around the main character, a high-level, crazed criminal on the streets of Vegas. You will be able to do all kinds of crazy things to challenge the underground empire, challenge your crime threshold, and rebel against the law. For this reason, everything came to a head. You are a well-known mobster with a robust underground empire in the city when the game starts. Many conceited young gangs have recently surfaced, proclaiming themselves to be the best in this place. Even your party's traitors are reviving their schemes to seize land and seize control of the empire you've laboriously created. In some industries, they are not an unchangeable theory. It's high time those immature kids learned who the boss of Vegas is and who they need to avoid. Nothing is more audacious than what has ever been done before or now; this is your domain.


Part one's 3D open-world simulation action gameplay is still largely enjoyable in Vegas Crime Simulator 2. However, the character and accessory collections are where the biggest differences can be found. After years of fighting, your Gypsy warrior has gained a great deal of experience and more exciting skills than before. Back then, the only crimes you could commit were carjacking, bank robberies, shooting, stabbing, punching, and kicking people, as well as racing through uncontrolled streets. However, the somewhat enthusiastic participation of traitors, numerous other gangs, and dishonest officials who are desperately trying to retake the city is also present in this part 2. Your influence and strength have increased to the point where you can now regulate the city's entrance and the more expansive regions surrounding Vegas, making it difficult for anyone to try to hide from you. You can now equip and use superhero-specific weapons like guns, hero masks, and other superhuman abilities, as well as wear stylish romantic skin and look like a true superhero.


More unpredictable tasks

This time, you will face an even more challenging set of quests to finish, along with new super abilities and the introduction of a new class of adversaries. Assault the military installations, amass the arsenal of the city's armaments, attend to other clans, eliminate the betrayer, and vanquish the corrupt government officials. Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is where you battle like a super gangster and widen your circle of influence across this virtual metropolis. Remember to keep improving the character's enhancement along the way.


A feature that amplifies the character's strength is available to you in Vegas Crime Simulator 2. You'll notice an arrow next to the minimap on the left side of the display. The character upgrade section can be accessed by tapping the arrow. Health, stamina, bullet, resistance, and medium kid efficiency are the four stats that can be upgraded.


I must bring up the vast arsenal of a game such as Vegas Crime Simulator 2, though. Everything from shotguns to rifles to pistols and grenades that you typically see is available. You can also employ strong weapons like biological, chemical, and laser guns. Only with gems can these weapons be unlocked. Weapon strength and rarity are indicated by its color.


Download Vegas Crime Simulator 2 for Android

There are a ton of elite gangster missions waiting for you, the super-gypsy leader, in this enormous 3D city. Are you prepared to rule Vegas City as the most formidable mobster?


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