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VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile V1.0.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:947 MB Latest update:Nov 01, 2023



VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile is a relatively obscure role-playing game released by SQUARE ENIXYou will gain a deeper understanding of the Antoecian people's migration by playing this adventure role-playing game, which delves into every little detail of life.


Introduce about VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile

Within the gaming platform industry, SQUARE ENIX is a well-known brand. Legendary video games like BRAVELY DEFAULT and OCTOPATH TRAVELER have been made by this company, among many others. Another distinctive game from SQUARE ENIX is VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile. Similar to OCTOPATH TRAVELER, the game features a precious adventure style, but it distinguishes itself in a lot of new ways by telling the tale of the peculiar lives of migrants. The lyrical life adventure game, The Migration and Settlement of the People of Antoecia!

Game features


DISPLAY OF DAYLIFE 211 was a mobile year in the Royal Era. During this period, national expansion was the primary focus of all efforts made by the nations of the world, both through invasion conflicts and the discovery of new territories. Discover every inch of a brand-new continent by traveling with the game's characters. Here you become Antoecia, the founding god of this continent and the first settlers. In the middle of the continent, in the city of Erebia, a new life was slowly forming and growing more prosperous by the day. You can freely lose yourself in the migratory adventures of the future Antoecia people while playing VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile. You can also take pleasure in the mellow, cozy life stories, which also feature a lot of action during the battle phases.


Enjoy life

In VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile, every character has daily potential for improvement. Since then, their enjoyment of life on the new continent has also improved. There are over 20 different job types in the game, and each job has over 100 small tasks. You must therefore perform at least 100 minor procedures to finish something significant. You will undoubtedly gain new life skills and become more competent if you persevere through such a complex labor process. This implies that characters will be able to advance more quickly if they put in a lot of work. Your physical strength, magic, and mental capacity will all gradually grow stronger as you become more independent. What's interesting about this game is that, depending on how you assign them to a task group, players can influence both their own personalities and the course of their characters' development. As in life, it's possible to never discover your interests until you take on a variety of responsibilities and gradually hone your skills.

Conquer unknown lands

There are a lot of enigmatic caverns and dungeons in the new continent of VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile. You will guide the characters through these difficult situations, help them understand the area, or even face some unknowns. You will need to plan for each person's limited supplies, camping equipment, and rations. Everyone will set out into the enigmatic corners of the continent with a bag full of goods. This place is full of hazards: hostile terrain, inclement weather, and monsters. The risk of food spoiling en route is in addition to the restricted quantity of food you are transporting. Always take the necessary safety precautions.

Innovative Ba CHA battle system

With a new Battle System, VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile players can engage in combat with monsters and all the fierce creatures of the new land. Though with the added job and character abilities, these are essentially still turn-based battles. Collaborating with your allies, you will counter the advantages of your adversaries and initiate a sequence of well-planned Chain Attacks. Another crucial element in battles is timing and the chance to attack. When the monster is at its most vulnerable, find a way to unite your strength and deliver a powerful blow.


Download VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile for Android

The engaging game VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile features all-new activities, settings, and even a peculiar combat system inspired by migratory life. Download VARIOUS DAYLIFE Mobile to experience fun and innovative adventures!