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Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home V1.0.4 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 8.0

Size:949 MB Latest update:Nov 02, 2023


About Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Netflix is the exclusive distributor of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, which was created by Ubisoft and Old Skull Games and is playable by anyone with a mobile connection. Inspired by World War I, this gorgeous hand-drawn graphic puzzle game takes place in a war-like environment and tells a healing tale.


Introduce about Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

In the game you will experience the war happening in a series of stories, these stories can heal the soul wounds!

Game features


The successful follow-up to Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which took home the coveted BAFTA award, is Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. You'll become an unsung hero when you join the tale of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, solve dozens of enigmatic puzzles, navigate the chaotic wartime environment, and ultimately find your way home. The story, which takes place during World War I, tells the tale of common people who, after being thrust into extraordinary situations, reluctantly decide to become valiant warriors. Two guys, along with the rest of the family, had to figure out how to make it through the trenches and find one another.

In Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, there are two unhappy individuals: They must experience a great deal of suffering and loss before they can go home, return to their native country, and meet their surviving brother. They are now separated by the war and have taken two different routes. They will have to fight to live to see each other's faces. They saw innumerable scenes of life that were worse than themselves, and they had innumerable enemies and allies in numerous wars. Histories of valiant battles are unforgettable, but the suffering of insiders is rarely discussed. For many of the generations that followed, the Western Front's terrifying obsession endures even after it has passed for decades or even centuries.


Strengthen the memory of combat

The agonizing lines in each character's eye sockets convey the pain of loss and war, thanks to Valiant Hearts: Coming Home's stunning visual design. With the vast ocean, the fiery sky, and the trenches blazing with the black smoke of the Great War all around them, man appears to be a tiny black dot doomed to perish at the hands of the great powers' avarice. Watching Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is a very colorful, poignant, and sometimes painful visual experience. To further enhance the unidentified heroes' unsettling atmosphere, the game also faintly incorporates music. This game with a war theme has weirdly eerie music that makes you feel like each character's fear, loneliness, and confusion. That has to be the case as well because practically nobody knows why they are fighting when they enter the battlefield. Everybody strives to live to see their loved ones once more. That is the struggle every theater of the great war has to face to survive.


You play as one of four heroes who aren't named in Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. They came together at some point during the conflict, looked at each other, shared stories, and shared the trenches. Try to find a way to spare each person from the atrocities of uncharted territory. Thankfully, in addition to each other, they have a devoted dog companion who is by their side at all times in this place of smoke and fire. The game combines elements of puzzle, action, choice, and exploration. As new situations arise, you'll need to apply various techniques to troubleshoot, solve, and determine the best course of action. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is an odd and mysterious game that offers players unique gameplay experiences and an amazing storyline progression. It is possible to physically heal wounds, slip past enemy lines, run across chaotic battlefields, converse with allies by the fire, and even play music during crucial battle moments. Between the point of life and death, anything can happen. Your heart sometimes tightens every minute due to the way the puzzle is placed under the brutal war's survival pressure. Not only is there blood and death involved, but each character's mental anguish and exhaustion are also contributing factors.


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The game features numerous events and real photos to further capture this turbulent time. Coming Home, by Valiant Hearts, is more than just an ordinary game. Everyone should play this engaging interactive history game.


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