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Valiant Force 2

Valiant Force 2 V1.11.3 MOD APK (MENU, Immortal)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 6.0

Size:1 GB Latest update:Nov 02, 2023


About Valiant Force 2

As a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Valiant Force game, publisher XII Braves PTE LTD has released Valiant Force 2, a highly strategic action role-playing game. A new conflict of unfathomable ideals, betrayals, and aspirations breaks out once more. You will run into well-known and cherished characters once more and fight alongside them in an even bloodier conflict than the last.


Introduce about Valiant Force 2

A sequel to Valiant Force with a much larger and more intense combat role-playing setting! The central arc of Valiant Force 2 will be the quest to validate loyalty and treachery, to unravel the true mystery surrounding the major incident, and to reach the conclusion of the narrative.

Game features


Ten years have passed since the events of Valiant Force 1. You'll see a scene of chaos, confusion, and despair multiplied many times over when you return to the kingdom of Arathos this time. The destiny of the Crystal of Arathos was discovered and put back where it belonged after the first season. Once again, the Arathos Crystal vanished out of sight one day, defying everyone's belief that the world had found equilibrium and peace. Leon Daracon, its protector, also vanished inexplicably.

Strange rumors have been circulating ever since. Two factions emerged among the kingdom's populace. The first is to stick by Arathos's hero and have faith that he will return carrying the priceless Crystal. The other group thinks Daracon has truly been deceived. They fiercely and unrelentingly denounce the man who was heralded as a great hero only ten years ago. In Valiant Force 2, players assume control of Elise Arkwright, a valiant young knight prepared to battle for any honorable mission assigned to him. Elise Arkwright will battle alongside intriguing allies Felix Vulcan and Maeve Astraea to overcome numerous obstacles in their path. The three men will now discover the truth regarding the crystal's and the guardian's peculiar disappearance. Thus, the kingdom will experience peace and stability once more. Valiant Force 2 revolves around a journey that tests loyalty and treachery, uncovers the true meaning of the major event, and is necessary to conclude the narrative.


Extended gameplay

You can still use the same combat mechanics from previous games in this one. However, there are many new and mystical elements, but the characters, storyline, and strategies have all largely changed. These elements include the game's new heroes' fate, the kingdom's divided ideologies, and the undiscovered secrets. You'll be able to clear the mist that surrounds them all in the free online strategy role-playing game Valiant Force 2 by going on a number of terrifying encounters with demons, rebellious knights, and crazed beasts.

Classic combat system

As a knight, the player's job is to master the perilous adventure. You have to rule the battlefield and vanquish all adversaries in order to make it to the end of the truth and end the arduous journey. It is still the traditional turn-based combat system found in Valiant Force 2. Throughout the battle, you must make the most of every moment, determine the enemy's strength, hone your skill set, and raise your power level to an elite level in anticipation of the impending super boss. Valiant Force 2 also places a strong emphasis on the hero customization and career system. You can create a variety of battle strategies and select the best playstyle for your gear and runes by skillfully fusing these two elements.

PVP game mode

There's a brand-new PVP game mode in Valiant Force 2. In this game, your goal is to destroy the enemy's Zephyrite-powered spacecraft while engaging in intense aerial combat. In these unforgiving dogfights, agility and decisiveness are essential traits.


Download Valiant Force 2 for Android

In addition to a slew of fresh details regarding the combat system, the game boasts fantastic soundtracks composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, the man behind Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. With the addition of a new main character and numerous other supporting cast members, Valiant Force 2 is sure to provide players with an unforgettable experience.


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