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US Army Training Shooting Camp

US Army Training Shooting Camp V1.4.9 MOD APK (No Ads)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:90 MB Latest update:Nov 02, 2023


About US Army Training Shooting Camp

Everything a US soldier needs to know is gathered at US Army Training Shooting Camp. While playing this game, you will become a member of a shooting camp. The training camp has strict guidelines and high standards. Are you curious about what you're going to experience at camp?


Introduce about US Army Training Shooting Camp

What is covered in the US Army Training Shooting Camp curriculum? For many who are interested in war and the armed forces, the US military, with its amicable soldiers and their disciplined fighting style, continually piques their curiosity. Play US Army Training Shooting Camp if you have the same question but find that the information you find online isn't detailed enough.

Game features


You will pretend to be an aspiring American soldier in US Army Training Shooting Camp. You must successfully complete a unique training program known as US Army Training Shooting Camp in order to be recognized as an official soldier. Here, when you "enjoy" all the trying training stages full of the exacting standards of US military standards—shooting being just one of the essential skills—all the challenges in the entire game begin.

Physical training

The Training Camp consists of numerous physical training exercises that you have to complete. In order to proceed to the next challenges, you must first pass this stage and meet this requirement. Climbing techniques, gymnastics, obstacle running, swimming, hiding, crawling, and other strenuous exercises are all part of this demanding training regimen. Players must closely adhere to the army sergeants' instructions while practicing each skill, then follow the guidelines to the letter. If you get the technical part right, you'll receive a score commensurate with your achievement; if not, you'll have to restart. There are a ton of nonstop physical activities at US Army Training Shooting Camp that take place from dawn to night to keep you occupied all day. You could think of it as an endless action game. Physical activity will increase after the initial phase. The hardest part is having to carry out a series of professional tasks like a real soldier on the battlefield when you are brought into the field. You will learn how to fight on the front lines, how to mentally prepare for battle, and how to conduct yourself in times of war through this training.


Shooting practice

Now that you have completed numerous phases of physical training, it is time to hone your military abilities by honing your shooting technique to the point where you are as prepared for combat as a soldier would be. You can become a future soldier with outstanding training accomplishments by practicing handling a gun, doing maneuvers with various guns, shooting bullets into the center of the target, and getting the highest score possible. Players are trained in special shooting techniques, such as sniper training, in addition to being exposed to a wide variety of guns. This will help them later on when adjusting to different enemy types.

Various weapons

You can also get up close and personal with a broad range of military weaponry and equipment, from light to heavy, at US Army Training Shooting Camp. There are swords, spears, and shields for close quarters fighting. Mines, bombs, grenades, and firearms are all at long range. Additionally, after you have mastered the use of weapons, you will be able to operate a variety of military tools; even vehicles will be waiting for you to conquer.

Train fighting skills

The soldier's fortitude is demonstrated by both his physical prowess and capacity for combat as well as by his ability to survive in hostile environments. Training is provided in the game for all survival skills as well as common martial arts techniques like Taekwondo and Karate.


Download US Army Training Shooting Camp for Android

In the impressive 3D game US Army Training Shooting Camp, you can take on a variety of tasks related to fieldwork on the battlefield, combat, shooting, and health training.


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