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Unreal Life

Unreal Life V3.0.9 MOD APK (Patched)

Category:Adventure Games OS:Android 4.4

Size:305 MB Latest update:Nov 03, 2023


About Unreal Life

The puzzle game Unreal Life APK features pixel graphics. In the game, you and the main character will traverse intensely emotional adventure levels while looking for long-lost memories.


Introduce about Unreal Life

This is an adventure game published by room6, find lost memories in pixel art!

Game features


The independent game Unreal Life, created by Yokaze, was recognized with a Japanese "Award of New Face" award. With the charming little character and the enchanted power to evoke her memories, are you prepared to lose yourself in the fantastical pixel world? A young girl who has lost her memory appears in the opening scene of Unreal. She can no longer recall her identity, what happened to her, or the reason she was by herself. Merely a vague name "Miss Sakura" sticks in her mind. In an attempt to recover her memory, she decides to track down Miss Sakura. She discovered she had a unique talent—the ability to touch and read memories from everything around her. She can see a portion of the surrounding memory through the object's point of view whenever she touches any kind of object. You are subsequently guided through the game's emotional universe by connecting, contrasting, and assembling memory events. To locate your missing memories, you can follow the hints, explore the past, and access a wide variety of other content levels.


Unreal Life's gameplay consists of merely touching, seeing, and reading memories. All that our little girl could recall was Miss Sakura, which seemed to be either her own name or the name of someone else. However, the girl's unique ability allows her to read memory from an object's perspective simply by touching it. The player's ultimate objective is to assist her in recovering lost memories, comprehending the situation, identifying herself, her location, and her next course of action, as well as the reason why she is alone. In order to accomplish this with the strange ability at your disposal, you must touch every object on the road, see, read, and memorize. To discover who you truly are, you'll then have to contrast memories from the past and present and work through some puzzles caused by the disparities in perspectives.


Collect items

Following the memory shards and gathering various items along the way will be your primary task to enhance your recollections. In addition, you can compare things, which helps you to be more objective and have a full recollection of everything that has happened in the past. What you need to know is that not every picture is correct. Half a bread is still bread, but half of the truth is not the truth, as the saying goes.

Different choices have different endings

The player of Unreal Life has four possible outcomes based on what they see and the choices they make throughout the game. Do you want to delve deeply into your subconscious, piece together the past to better understand who you are, get over your pain decide to let go of it, or just enjoy the pleasures of the present moment? Every participant will have their own opinions and choices.

Pixel graphic art

The fact that so many people adore Unreal Life is not by happenstance. The 2D pixel graphics used throughout the entire game will alter your perception of its vintage aesthetic. The graphics of the game, which are slick, dreamy, and romantic, but strangely lonely, capture the characters' anguish and confusion. Aside from the painstakingly made objects and characters, the game's general color scheme consists of dreamy blue, black, and white. Furthermore, there are memorable melodies and occasionally staccato piano sounds.


Download Unreal Life for Android

There is now a mobile version of the well-liked puzzle game Unreal Life for PCs. Do you enjoy losing yourself in pixelated environments, or do you find pixel games to be so beautiful that you can't help but forget about the real world for a little while? Download Unreal Life now!


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